Friday, May 8, 2015

'Dead Island 2' Release Date News: Zombie Game's Launch Postponed to 2016

Gamers looking forward to zombie smashing in playing "Dead Island 2" will have to wait until next year following a recent announcement that the game would not be released this year.
On its Twitter account, game publisher Deep Silver said the game's release will have to be postponed since it is still trying to reach the goals it initially outlined for the game and needs more time to complete the process.
Deep Silver said it has a big goal for "Dead Island 2" and wants to take the original game to the next level. It said it wants to give fans what they love, namely "multiple characters who come together in a co-op setting and slaughter zombies in a melee."
Deep Silver said when its game makers started working to achieve this goal, they realized they would not be able to finish the project this year. However, Deep Silver assured that the game will be completed sometime in 2016.
"Dead Island 2" is actually the third game in the franchise which started off as "Dead Island" in 2011. A sequel for the game was released in 2013 titled "Dead Island Riptide."
Both games were products of Techland, the company also behind the popular zombie game "Dying Light" which was released this year. Currently Yager Development is in charge of developing "Dead Island 2."
Last year, it announced that the action in the game would not be limited to an island. The game would have other locations like Venice Beach and the Golden Gate Bridge.
Deep Silver hinted that a number of unique hand-crafted weapons would be available for the game.
The game will allow up to eight players to create a team. Even as a team, they will be able to compete against each other or they may co-exist, which is all part of the new multiplayer experience being formulated.
"Dead Island 2" was announced during Sony's E3 press conference in summer of last year. Later, an announcement came out that while the game would eventually land on the Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC, the initial beta phase would take place only on the PS4.

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