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Kickstarter Project: Hipsters vs Zombies

An(other) unexpected zombie outbreak has brought the city to its knees. Society has collapsed to a nightmare state, and only the fittest or the luckiest have a chance of surviving this ordeal. Our protagonists fall on the latter camp. This group of fashionistas, together by trend rather than friendship, survived the apocalypse thanks to watching a four-hour unknown Austrian film with no subtitles at an arthouse cinema. Even zombies have standards! Luck will have them join a group of hardened survivors, who will see their resilience put to the test thanks to our main characters’ utter dumbness.
Hipsters vs. Zombies is a side-scrolling shoot’em-up-2D- Run & Gun. And, no, it’s no fluke. We were looking for the perfect match between our idea and what is well considered nowadays as, you know, vintage stuff. And so we did. Our main purpose has always been to provide the players with a real fun experience. To get this, we took reference from games such as Guacamelee, Metal Slug, Contra, Super Time Force Ultra, Cybernator or Gunstar Heroes. Classic (and not so classic) arcade games have always been an inspiration to us, because we grew up with them throughout the nineties, just during their fall and the consequent rise of video game consoles.
Classic (and not so classic) arcade games have always been an inspiration to us, because we grew up with them throughout the nineties, just during their fall and the consequent rise of video game consoles.
·       Fight zombie hordes. Use custom hipster weaponry to destroy verything you find on the way. You will be provided with three different weapons for each character and a Warbucks Coffee, as decaffeinated as hot, really useful to melt the walking dead.
·       Explore different levels full of joy and adventures. Blaze through 11 levels divided in two unique worlds where you will find plenty of nonsense jokes. Get the highest score to become the king (or queen) of Hipsterdom, even if you think you already are.
·       Recover lives as in old arcade games. Use your score to get new lives in order to save the hips… uhm, sorry, mankind.
·       Discover the story behind the main characters. You already know their names and motivations; now, it’s time to find out how they hack their way through the Apocalypse and how far they can go... For a trendy cause.
·       Face the incredible (though mainstream) final bosses! Hipsters vs. Zombies’ universe is full of weird and confusing situations. You will want to know what kind of sick, twisted mind created the final bosses you will have to fight.
Ulysses, the most intense, laconic, and overacted lead character from “Hipsters vs. Zombies” He’s a conceited poet who boasts about being smarter than everyone else. He enjoys combining the latest high-tech gadgets with antique and vintage items. You can tell him out by his thick beard, fedora, and plaid shirt. A DJ record bag, a briar pipe, and the typewriter he always carries, because it’s no secret that:
“The pen is mightier than the sword. The typewriter is also heavier.”
Ulysses is a huge fan of vintage stuff, so he had to arm himself with the first (old) thing at hand.
  • CODE NAME: “180”: 180-gram of cool rhythm hurled from a vintage record bag are enough to slaughter zombie hordes.
  • CODE NAME: “SMG (Sub Musicassette Gun)”: Two modified walkman as Uzis to shoot dozens of outdated cassettes per minute.
  • CODE NAME: “Full HD (Full Heavy Discthrower)”: Ulysses also modified a Jukebox to be used as a burning record- shooting flame-thrower.
  • CODE NAME: “WTF (Weaponised Typing Furnishing)”: His favorite typewriter has suffered more from his texts than from crushing zombies. Moreover, he has put a handle on it, and he uses it to beat the walking dead.
Sugar, the “Hipsters vs. Zombies” Riot Grrrl! She’s a tough, independent girl, a regular at music festivals such as FIB, Coachella or Glastonbury. Despite being an indie girl, Sugar’s really concerned about her appearance. That’s why she spends 3 plus hours dressing herself up to get that well-studied careless urban outfit. You’ll recognize her by her long, pink and blue ombré, her shorts and Dr. Martens boots. All these always topped with her Wayfarer sunglasses and the proper accessories to rock the perfect look, for party, killin’ zombies, or whatevs! But hey, pals! Don’t let her looks deceive you, and don’t get on her bad side, either: When she gets a weapon, she’s a killing machine.
Sugar never settled for anything, and she has learnt to take advantage of everything around her in order to create genuine hipster weaponry.
  • CODE NAME: "The Dixon": Crossbows are so mainstream… but combine one with the latest tattoo gun and add some color to the mix… Voilà! We got a real Weapon of Zombie Destruction.
  • CODE NAME: "Chicago Tattoowriter": Her grandpa used a Chicago Typewriter, and not exactly to write poetry. It has now been modified to drill zombies.
  • CODE NAME: "E.R. Special (Ellen Ripley Special)": Sugar has always been a huge fan of Alien movies. She drew inspiration from Ellen Ripley’s gun to create a super tattoo gun fitted to pour vast amounts of flaming ink over the undead. Guaranteed destruction!
  • CODE NAME: "KuteKut": Her father was a lover of cricket and her mother was a butcher; and she adores kittens. That’s how we get a cute lethal weapon. Pretty easy, right?
The Zombies
We don’t really know how they turned into zombies. But we know how to take them out for sure. As you could imagine, zombies will be your greatest enemies. Unlike hipsters, the undead will not be provided with any specific weapon; however, they will throw objects, their own limbs, or even puke on us in order to wipe out the human race.
Final Bosses
Final bosses have always been one of the funniest things in a shoot’em up game, so we didn't want to fall behind. Ours will be as funny as ridiculous and confusing.
Music and Words are two of the most important and necessary parts in any video game. In our desire to create a unique experience for future Hipsters vs. Zombies players, we want to introduce the four great professionals who are collaborating on our project. Referencing artists like Kavinsky, Birdy Nam Nam or Busy P., AVERNO and David Adkinson will be responsible for Hipsters vs. Zombies’ Original Soundtrack. Regarding the story, Adrián Benatar will help us understand the characters and what the Hipsters vs. Zombies universe is like.
About “Hipsters vs Zombies”
"Hipsters vs Zombies" is Arpic Games’ second title in development, packed with casual, wild action in the classic side-scrolling 2D shoot’em up vein. Now on kickstarter.
For more details, please visit the official website of the game: 
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