Friday, May 8, 2015

Mud N' Blood Zombie Run 5/31/15 Sangar, CA

Central CA, May 31! It's a 5k course through Zombie infested blueberry fields, tree lined roads and over and through mud, water and obstacles near Sanger, CA (SE of Fresno).

Each runner will start with three flags. The goal is to finish the course with at least one flag remaining. Zombies on the trail will attempt to “infect” you by stealing your flags. Medics (volunteers) along the way can give you new life (a flag)! If you cross the finish line without any flags, your flesh will soon start to rot!  If you do not want to be Zombie food, just run without your flags (they won't see you). Kids can Run or be Zombies too and Teams of any size can sign up.

There are prizes for the Craziest Running Wear and Best Dressed Team so knock yourselves out! Then join The Dancing Dead Party with music, friends, food and drink! There's plenty of water to run through along the course and the Zombie Creation Station and Party area are in the shade of many trees so don't fear the heat. Spectators are way welcome at no charge, that's FREE, other than parking (see details page). It's SO FUN!! 

Concerning Water - We are very water conscious! Most of the water used for the run will be pumped and used to water existing plants in the wedding area and will also be put into the pond that is the county required supply for fire suppression. The Grove is on the Kings River so some will be returned to the river from whence it came earlier that morning and the rest (if any) will seep into and rejoin the very high underground water table by the end of the day. It's the perfect place for a California Mud Run.

To be a RUNNER, a ZOMBIE that also RUNS or a ZOMBIE ONLY, register soon! The price goes up as run day gets closer. You may also Volunteer to HELP! at different work stations.  

Run for THEIR lives! Proceeds go to St. Jude Children's Cancer Research Hospital in memory of Ian Reynolds.

Check out ALL the information on this site and if you still have a question please email or message us.  

Run for it!!!

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