Friday, May 8, 2015

Tonight on Zombiepalooza Radio 5/8/15

Greetings Zombiphiles, and welcome to another night of Zombiepalooza Radio with your host, Jackie Chin! 

Dead_Door Co-Host of Zombiepalooza radio and Crunchy are on assignment tonight, but we have a special guest co-host in the number two chair tonight:
Welcome back G Digger to ZPR!

Here is the lineup for tonight's Zombiepalooza Radio!

Getting things rolling for our first hour, we are please to bring you Paul Winters & Patty Daniels Winters from CowboyZombies!

in our second hour, we will be talking with Luke Ahearn, author of the newly released 'Transformation: Book Two of the Euphoria-Z Series'!

Getting us over the hump in hour three, we chat up Author @Charles Phipps, talking about "The Rules of Supervillainy", "Esoterrorism", and other upcoming projects!

In our fourth hour, we pick Jim Brenheimer's brain about the third book in his Dead Eye series, as well as other projects he is working on!

Wrapping up the show will be the return to ZPR of DA Roberts, author of 'The Ragnarok Rising Saga'!

As always, you can listen to us starting at 8:pm EDT (5:pm PDT) on livestream and interact with the guests in real time via the chatroom at, or you can tune into your brand new live YouTube channel,

Be there or be bitten!! 
(there is an option for both, if you prefer )wink emoti

Zombie Guru,
Over and out!

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