Friday, May 8, 2015

Kickstarter Project: R.I.P. Zombie

This is the story, nobody can confirm. Probably, it had never happened, but who knows. They say it all started with the secret government experiments. Some claimed involvement of unknown forces, purposely launching a bacteriological attack. On the other side, there was a completely different theory, telling about World madness affected every person on the planet. It was extremely difficult to escape from disease, and no one knew how to do it. People have mutated and turned into strange creatures, known as zombies... 
R.I.P. Zombie is a Match-3 puzzle game with RPG elements. This game is about zombie survival, the dangerous world where all rights belong to zombies and there is no room for alive. It is designed with no violent or bloody scenes, everything is very fun and colorful. You won’t be scared, but will laugh a lot!
The game has an interesting and exciting storyline, where you play for the characters not similar to each other. Heroes make a team to confront hordes of Zombies and find salvation. Every mission harbors a terrible danger – walking corpses hunting for your brain. Instead of relying on your luck alone, you will have to come up with a plan and strategy to survive in a post-apocalyptic world. It is not enough to be just an Amateur or Expert in Match-3 games, you will need to calculate your moves in order to rescue your Heroes.
R.I.P. Zombie is a role-playing game. To accomplish the mission, you will need to improve your characters’ health, weapons, and tactics including their special punches – all that is possible by raising the level of your character. The unique characters like Bob the Farmer, an expert on firearms, Hunter and Jade, fighters with their own unique features and capabilities, will be performing at your fingertips.
Bob is a hereditary farmer and a guy with a great sense of humor. Bonehead and redneck. Kind hearted Bob has a strange hobby – he is crazy about firearms, professional and superb killing machine. He knows how to shoot from any gun and slaughter the walking dead in large quantities.
Hunter is a hardly talkative mystery character. Looks like in the past he served in the military, but no one knows for sure if it really happen. Now he has become a zombie hunt expert, killing his enemies quickly and quietly.
Jade is not a submissive girl. Even though she may fool you with her modest appearance and fragile constitution, this is a monster in a skirt. Firearms aren’t her specialty, however any metal in her hands turns into a lethal weapon. She is a goddess of flying knives, hatchets, and shurikens. Also butchers the zombies with katana and chainsaw.
We came up with 27 unique and fun zombies. Each zombie has his own tricks and appearance. The game features a military man, policeman, student, forester, diver, and even politician. We think our diverse collection of undead personalities will bring you a lot of fun.
We are setting a modest goal, asking our fans and friends to help us paying off the annual Apple Store license, which is about $100. Not something huge.
Thank you very much, and we hope that we will be able to collect the sum and help everybody in the world to stop the zombie apocalypse.
Our major goal is to collect the money that we at this point cannot afford to pay. This license is required for gaming software production. We are talking about Unity 3D cross-platform game engine ( The PRO version features more tricks and functions, and could give us an opportunity to build our games quicker and of higher quality. We create games for IOS, Android, Web, Facebook, and Amazon platforms. The license costs $4,500. It would be great if we could collect that amount. If not, we will keep working on it anyway, no worries!)

Risks and challenges

We are hardcore gamers, big gaming fans who used to spend in virtual debris days after days after days. Our parents and relatives were yelling at us claiming that we had been killing our precious life time on stupid games, and now our hobby has turned into our favorite work, so that something, for what we had been harshly criticized, got transformed into a useful and amazing craft, and we are very happy about it.
We do know a lot about games and possess extensive experience in technology, but still no one of us can claim to be a game development guru. This is a new direction for us, which we are crazy about and ready to live it to the fullest. There is always a risk of failure when you start a new project making a bunch of mistakes. Nothing happens without trying. The main goal is to do what you love, face its challenges, and not to give up on the road to success. No matter how difficult is the path, we will walk it through. 

Today we ask you for support in our endeavor and appreciate your generosity no matter how small the donation is. We could use a little boost, friends. Thank you!
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R.I.P. Zombie site:
For more info, or to make a pledge. click here!

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