Friday, May 8, 2015

Kickstarter Project: Epidemic-Z: A live-action zombie apocalypse experience

Live entertainment events are in my blood. 

For the last 25 years I have been developing incredible summer campsoutdoor education programs and personalized group retreats that cater to every attendee as an individual and provide an unmatchable experience. 
But my passion is for the extreme: panic rooms, sky diving, zip lines. Most of the time I'm disappointed though. Disappointed that you have to wait in line and battle crowds. And let's be honest, they're really not very scary. 

I'm deadly serious about this. We can do better.

700 Foot Quad Zip Line
700 Foot Quad Zip Line
I think the world is changing. People want live-action, immersive events where they can play a part in a bigger story. A story where each participant has a role - hero or villain - working towards a larger goal.
That's why I need your help.

We're creating a 12-hour, zombie apocalypse on a scale beyond anything attempted before. 

Panic Rooms: Trapped with a Zombie
Panic Rooms: Trapped with a Zombie
I've brought together a team of the best in the business - a live-action role play event creator, a highly experienced visual artist and producer, an operations expert, a leading comic book artist and a full media team including graphic designer, public relations and social media manager, marketing strategist and new media developers. 

The zombie infection is happening.

The event, called Epidemic-Z, will take place on my 74-acre site located within the San Bernardino National Forest near Lake Arrowhead, CA. Just 90 minutes from Los Angeles, Orange County and San Diego, we have a large population at our doorstep with a keen interest in Halloween attractions. For this reason, we'll be running the event every Friday, Saturday and Sunday night in October, catering to 500 people per night. Guests will be treated to a full chef-prepared dinner, hours of intensely frightening challenges such as zombie paintball, night zip lining and panic rooms, plus a casino and ongoing dark carnival, overnight accommodations, complimentary parking, and best of lines for the activities. 
The programming will be catered to the individual, with activities running all night, or as long as the guest wishes to participate. For those who don't want to be up all night, we'll finish the evening with a great party
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The activities and events will be unlike anything done before.

Gladiator-Style Jousting
Gladiator-Style Jousting

 And the after party will be off the charts.

Post-apocalyptic Bash
Post-apocalyptic Bash
At the end of the night, we'll celebrate saving the world with an incredible party complete with top local bands, DJs, drinks and dancing. The programming will be catered to the individual, with activities running all night, or as long as the guest wishes to participate. 
Essentially, my vision is to create the world's greatest Halloween event and I'm putting everything I have at my disposal towards it. 

Now I need your help.

Together, we can make an event for the records, and in exchange for your support, we will be delivering amazing experiential packages that won't be available to any one outside of Kickstarter.
Thank you for taking a moment to read about my Kickstarter project. I hope to meet you next October for the Halloween event of your life!
Andy Wexler, owner, Pali Mountain

Risks and challenges

Thankfully, we own the event site and already have on hand a staff of 150 employees capable of putting on an incredible event. But that doesn't mean this will be easy. We're working with several vendors to construct the 6 villages where teams will be participating in panic rooms, obstacle courses and zombie paintball. And we expect months of hard work coordinating, negotiating, managing timelines, building, training, practicing, recruiting, implementing IT infrastructure and much more. Thankfully, the event team have all the tools at their disposal: now it's time to move ahead with everything we've got!

For more info, or to make a pledge. click here!

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