Friday, June 29, 2012

*FREE* The Walking Dead: Rise of The Governor Audiobook!

The walking dead rise of the governorFrom our friends at The I Love The Walking Dead Website comes this great offer!!
For your chance to download the audiobook version of The Walking Dead: Rise of The Governor for free, simply follow the links below and make an account on Audible. After making an account, you will receive one free credit which will entitle you to download an audiobook of your choice. I recommend you check out The Walking Dead titles, in particular this one. The narrator does an exceptional job and really does get across the true feeling from the book.
Simply click on your relevant link below to get started:
Please note: You must first create an account before being able to download this Audiobook. If you have any questions or concerns please leave them in the comments section below and we will get back to you.

About The Walking Dead: Rise of The Governor
Following in the footsteps of the New York Times best-selling graphic novels and the record-breaking new television show, this debut novel in a trilogy of original Walking Dead books chronicles the back story of the comic book series’ greatest villain, The Governor.
In the Walking Dead universe, there is no greater villain than The Governor. The despot who runs the walled-off town of Woodbury, he has his own sick sense of justice: whether it’s forcing prisoners to battle zombies in an arena for the townspeople’s amusement, or chopping off the appendages of those who cross him. The Governor was voted “Villain of the Year” by Wizard magazine the year he debuted, and his story arc was the most controversial arc in the history of The Walking Dead comic book series. Now, for the first time, fans of The Walking Dead will discover how The Governor became the man he is, and what drove him to such extremes.
So go ahead and grab your free audiobook right now! You better hurry before this offer is gone!
If you already have an account on Audible, click here to go directly to The Walking Dead: Rise of The Governor.

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