Monday, December 10, 2012


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Author: Joshua Guess
Synopsis: Living With the Dead is an ongoing survival horror story set in the zombie apocalypse. Its original format was and is a serialized daily blog. 

When the world falls apart and the true nature of mankind is revealed, a small group of survivors in Kentucky make a go of holding their ground and building again. Through hordes of undead and bands of ruthless marauders, they come together with a common purpose. Over the days and months, they begin to learn that when the world is filled with the dead, the only choice is to learn how to truly live.

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Author: Pat Connid
Synopsis: (book 2) And then there were two. 

Hal finds a partner in his Quest to Save All of Mankind Even if They're Not Into It, and this guy seems to be way more into this killin' thing than even he is.

We learn more about this new guy, Chubbs, and are introduced to a third member of The Swordsman just as they head to storm the CDC.... in a Rascal(r) scooter.

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