Monday, December 3, 2012


The Governor of The Walking Deadcomics is a brute, an obvious villain who looks more or less like a pirate. But as embodied by British actor David Morrissey, he’s the suave and charismatic architect of the postapocalyptic haven Woodbury. 
Morrissey tends to play troubled, corruptible guys (who happen to be easy on the eyes), most famously in David Yates’s State of Play as the too-ambitious politician Stephen Collins. 
“Apparently, it’s my thing,” the actor says, laughing. “But it’s an interesting comparison. Stephen Collins was turned by power, and so now is the Governor.” Only one of them, however, keeps a trophy case of severed heads. 
Vulture caught up with Morrissey just as production was winding down on the third season of the zombie drama (viewers will have to wait until February to see the final eight episodes), and he tried to make us see things the Governor’s way, even after Sunday’s dark turn.
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