Sunday, December 2, 2012


Every horror fan and gorehound worth his or her weight in red-tinted corn syrup has seen 'The Evil Dead,' the landmark low-budget horror classic that debuted 30 years ago (on October 15, 1981) and launched the careers of director Sam Raimi and actor Bruce Campbell

But even fans of the 'Spider-Man' director, the 'Burn Notice' star, or the demonic-possession tale that gave them their start when they were still college students three decades ago may not know all the gory details behind the making of the movie -- the real-life ghost story behind the abandoned cabin where it was filmed, the horrors endured by the cast during the lengthy shoot, the high-profile fans who gave the movie a boost, and the ever-ongoing list of sequels and spinoffs (including a stage musical) that 'Evil Dead' continues to generate. 

Here are 25 things you may not have known about the zombie franchise that refuses to stay dead.

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