Friday, December 7, 2012


Author: A. D. Bloom
SynopsisHere's all six episodes of the Dead Tide series in one volume including each episode's cover art. The Dead Tide is uncensored zombie fiction with screaming corpses by the millions and all the raw humanity the genre deserves. This is the hard stuff. Enjoy. – A.D. Bloom

Episode One | Survivors

Episode Two | Omar and Kitten: Kill Kill Kill

Episode Three | Arena of the Dead

Episode Four | Out of the Deadlands

Episode Five | The Fall

Episode Six | Destination

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Author: Dave Rowlands
SynopsisThe end of the world is nigh, are you prepared? If the answer is "no" then this handbook is for you...

Reading this will grant a 50% resistance to zombie infection

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Author: Gilbert Mallory
SynopsisThe world is now a different place, ravaged by the undead. For Lauren Brent, nothing will ever be the same. As she makes her way to a new civilization, she finds friends and enemies, horrors, and greed. Zombies aren't the only things to worry about...

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