Tuesday, December 18, 2012


Ok, so let's recap. 

ABC drops supernatural series '666 Park Avenue' then order a series of 'The X-Files' like investigative show 'Weird Desk' only to u-turn that decision within days of announcing it and pave way for a new zombie series. 'The Returned' is the name of a new undead show obviously hoping to cash in on the success of fellow network AMC's 'The Walking Dead' which just shuffles its way to heightened success every season. 

ABC's new series comes from 'The Killing' producer Aaron Zelman who will pen the project whilst production company Plan B oversees. 'The Returned' will follow the dead returning to change the lives of those they left behind in a small Midwestern town. So the small screen gets more flesh eaters which can be no bad thing!


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