Saturday, December 1, 2012


Nightmare of the Dead: Rise of the Zombies (2012)

Synopsis: In a world of war and mayhem, a woman awakens on a train without memory or identity and her world becomes a twisted nightmare when she's attacked by fleshless, undead cannibals. After taking the name of the notorious outlaw, Neasa Bannan, she uncovers a horrifying conspiracy engineered by Doctor Saul, the psychopathic mastermind behind the Confederacy's deadly flesh-hungry weapons. A homicidal gunslinger, a jilted lover, and a brotherhood of killers emerge out of Neasa's tragic, blood-soaked past while the living dead ravage the land. With the fate of her identity and self-image in the balance, Neasa must decide: save the Union from the undead menace, or surrender to Saul's vision of ultra-violence.

Available in paperback or e-book here!

A Red Sun: A Zombie Novel (2012)

Synopsis: In a world where insanity has become the new standard, James Lenin recounts his arduous journey across post-apocalyptic America, revealing the horrifying machinations of the bio-terrorist, Harold, whose dream of a "master race" beings with the destruction of civilization at the hands of an undead menace. Lenin's travels across the American wasteland—a land filled with flesh-hungry zombies—brings him face-to-face with a corrupt faith, a city where men are forbidden, and a war pitting a fascist new nations against Harold's final, terrifying designs. Can Lenin save himself from a world rife with violence, depravity, and insanity? Or will he too succumb to a world gone mad?

Available in paperback or e-book here!

Vincenzo Bilof is an author from Detroit, Michigan, and is the recipient of SNM Horror Magazine's "Literary Achievement" award in 2011. Vincenzo has published more than twenty short stories, including appearances in SNM Publishing's Bonded by Blood IV: Scarlet Sunset, Zombie Buffet from Open Casket Press, and Frightmares by Dark Moon Books. Vincenzo has also authored two zombie novels: Nightmare of the Dead from Severed Press, and Under a Red Sun from Open Casket Press. Forthcoming anthology appearances include Psycho Cinema from Pill Hill Press and I'll Never Go Away Vol. 2 from Rainstorm Press.

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