Saturday, December 1, 2012


Twas the night before Christmas, with lots of snow 
not a human was stirring, not even father Joe
The revolvers were hung, by the camp with care
In hopes that no zombies, would ever come near

Our group was nestled all snug in our beds
While visions of supplies danced in our heads
And Jenny in her straw hat, and I with my bat
Had just settled down for a brief winters nap

When out on the yard, there arose such a shamble
I sprang from my cot, to see what what was in the bramble
Away from the fire, I carefully shook
Thankful that at my side, was Sam the big old cook

The evil that crawled on the new fallen snow
Gave the luster of death to objects below
When to what to my wondering eyes should be seen
But our small town law man, and the prom queen

With a hand that was steady and awfully quick
I shot a dozen zombies, till the sight made me sick
But more rapid than rats, these creatures they came
So I yelled and shouted each by name...

Now Slasher, Prancer, ripper, and decaying vixon
On, vomit, on putrid, on zombie with one leg missin'
To the top of the porch, to the top of our walls
Now burn them, burn them, Burn them all

With the dead all in piles, and only the drifter bitten
I put away my kerosine, and put on my only mitten
For over the hill, the thousands did crawl
I knew there was not much time, left for us all

And that's when Sally awoke, and saw the horrifying scene
She ran around the camp, like a crazed fiend
She threw down her chaninsaw, towards the awful sight
This is not Christmas at all, its our last night!

by James Cupelli

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