Thursday, December 20, 2012


“Zombie Years” is a post-apocalyptic tale that takes place in a zombie-infested Miami, a few years after the world falls. Survivors must now get-by in a world ruled by the dead. Only through survival skills, DIY, and Cafesito can the survivors hope to make a new world for themselves! This festival of flesh chronicles the lives of Delilah and her survivor allies as they struggle to feed themselves, gather supplies, and make sense of where they are and what else is out there.
Now you can own the original "WEB FORMAT" volume ONE! Issue 1-5 of the Highly Acclaimed Zombie Tale by creator Juan Navarro (Tommy, VIGIL,

ZOMBIE YEARS issues 1-5
"The writing is solid, the art is appealing and vibrant and the series doesn’t waste a lot of time with clumsy exposition or setup — it’s action packed from the word go, with explosions, face-shooting and hand-to-hand mayhem abounding in the few short pages available."
"Juan Navarro threads a worthy tale of zombie survival. His art style is half-underground half self-taught, that brings gloominess and darkness to the pages of the story." -
" Navarro has a great talent for very cinematic angles, character shading, and graphic zombie killing action. And anyone who writes and draws their own book should be lauded." -

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