Thursday, December 20, 2012


It’s 6 years after Z-Day.

The United States lays in practical ruin, resembling more a war-torn Mozambique than the super power it used to be. California and a select number of other states have partially survived, however they are ravaged with bandits, warlords and famine. Continental Asia is more or less crawling with the walking dead, China in particular due to its population density lays decimated and remains only as relic of the past. Europe too fell to its undead knees. Small pockets of survivors exist in the Austro-Italian alps as well as on select islands and defendable autonomous regions.

Australia, due to its population scarcity, has been the first continent to start a re-build. And whilst the prawn eating, beer guzzling, barbecue brazing national identity we used to know is still alive it’s been appropriated and now resembles more the Wild West of 1860s America.

Australian cities are now walled, strict government procedures exist for travelling in the wilderness and the Australian Postal Service is mainly made up of fast-driving Utes protected with shotguns and high explosive grenades. The government is, however, starting to reclaim land: offering incentives to willing volunteers who are prepared to fend for themselves in exchange for land grabs. This chance at rebuilding a new future has reached the shores of not only the United States but also of the South East Asian island-states and now a surge of immigrants are making their way over to have a crack at the New New World: Australia.

Several first person narratives set in the Zombie Apocalypse denoted by a #charactername. 

Welcome to Australia post Z-Day!




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