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The Dead Linger is a first-person zombie survival sandbox in which you can venture into a vast, undead world, surviving and exploring in whatever way suits you best.

We're creating a game first and foremost about your choices, and those choices determine your survival in this zombie-filled world. The goals you have are the goals you set. Scavenging, exploring, fortifying, building, barricading, and of course, fighting off the zombie hordes.

The world of The Dead Linger is randomly generated, and it is the size of a small planet. We don't simply mean it's large, we truly mean it's planet-sized. About 25,000 kilometers, to be exact. Every new world created will be different, and you can explore every inch of it, indoors and outdoors, every window, every door.

You've found a hideout. Now what? Barricade it! Fortify it! Defend it! You probably need a place to keep your stuff. You might need a place to house your clan, or maybe you just like a particular building you found. If you choose, you can fortify and defend 

With Friends
Supporting up to at least 16 players in a single world, The Dead Linger can be played solo or with a group of friends watching your back.

And Enemies
We're bringing Player vs. Player to the zombie apocalypse! Have you ever wanted to shoot it out through a massive city-scape, with zombies intermingling and causing chaos in between? The Dead Linger will feature solo, cooperative, and PvP game modes for whatever flavor you prefer.

The Dead Linger is not about the zombies.

Too long has the zombie genre been tainted — infected, if you will — with the invincible survivor, the invisible wall, and the non-threatening ghoul. But no more. You will learn to truly survive the relentless dead. Alone, or with those closest to you, the future of this world is in your trembling hands.
It is not another one of the mindless stories you’ve been told, where you fire blindly into the zombie apocalypse, standing safely on the sidelines. It is not the story of brainless zombie slaughter and unmitigated gore, nor is it the story of your machine-gun laden victory over the hordes.
The Dead Linger is the story of you. It is a story of true survival. Your survival.
Fortifying your hideout and scavenging for supplies in a truly endless world. Cooperating with the other survivors… or being forced to fight them off. It is the tale of the fully realized zombie outbreak, where you, the survivors, are left to form, ignore, or destroy the final tethers of civilization, contending daily with walking corpses seeking your very flesh.
The last alive have inherited the rotting remains of a dead world.
The infection grew fast and strong. You don’t know when, or where. It just showed up, right at your doorstep. Your neighbor’s doorstep. Your friend’s doorstep. An ember, the virus, it burned somewhere in the night, and it spread like wildfire across the planet. What is left is merely ashes — barely a flicker of hope remaining… It appears to have claimed the world right out from under you. Well, almost. You are still living. The good kind of “living.”
Speaking of flame, don’t light that lantern. You should know by now it draws them near. Keep the lights out at night, not that there’s much power to go around as it is. But if they do come, get out. If you get into a bind, just remember, the headless zed is the only dead. Lay low and you should be safe, or as safe as you can be. You can always take the car if it gets a little too crowded, a little too fast. The road should be clear from here to the next city. You hope.

You’ll survive, even if it’s only a little bit longer. You can always survive… Just a little bit longer. Increase your chances — bring a few friends along. More eyes, more guns, and more hands to move barricades. It might also help if you come across other folks who always want… Just a little bit more. Watch out for the greedy ones. And be careful of the clumsy guys with the good intentions. A careless mistake can bring a thousand zombies on top of you in seconds. A gunshot, or a car alarm. Always know your exits; the closest window, the alley to your left, the nearest farmhouse, the next city. Run into the woods, if you really have to. There shouldn’t be too many out there. Not the human type, anyway.
You know it got the animals too? Jumped species pretty quick. For a virus so smart, they seem pretty dumb, don’t they? Just remember to be careful. You’ve got a good head on your shoulders. It’d be a shame if someone had to lop it off. But hey, you’ll be all right.
There is always hope.
This is a message to all survivors. There is still hope. It can be found here. Hear this well, and spread the word;
The zombie genre has died. We’re bringing it back from the dead.

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