Sunday, December 2, 2012


With the public so fascinated by zombies, the Discovery channel is putting a twist on it with a zombie reality show, according to a report published by Entertainment Weekly on Nov. 30.
The show, "Zombie Apocalypse," will explore if an outbreak of the walking dead could actually happen and interviews four Americans who have various views on the subject.
One of the people who will be appearing on Discovery's "Zombie Apocalypse" is a mother who is raising her children to know how to slay the walking dead and who is in the process of preparing her home to thwart off zombies.
The founder of the Kansas "Anti-Zombie Militia" will also appear on the show, who has stockpiled supplies in a secret location so that he can survive the apocalypse.
Dr. Steven Scholzman of Harvard Medical School says that a zombie outbreak could be possible, but it will affect the living's DNA rather than raise the dead. He says,
"The most likely ideology for a zombie pandemic would be a viral outbreak, a mutated contagion most likely a virus. Viruses are fascinating organisms and would be very effective at changing us into something approaching the zombies … They use our DNA they rely on us to spread themselves, so it fits right into the model of zombie pandemic.”
While Entertainment Weekly called this a reality show, a more appropriate term would be documentary, since it will only be an hour-long special. The show should be successful and interesting if the numbers of "The Walking Dead" are any indication of the interest in zombies.
"Zombie Apocalypse" airs on Dec. 18 on the Discovery Channel.

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