Thursday, April 4, 2013

First Images Of Series 4 Of McFarlane's Walking Dead TV Toys!!

As a big fan of The Walking Dead, I am of course also a big fan of McFarlane'sWalking Dead action figures, toys based on popular characters from both the comic series and TV show.  McFarlane has for the last couple years now been putting out separate TV and comic series' of the toys, with three series already in the bag in the TV line, and one in the comic line (Series 2 of the comic toys sees release this July).

Very happy to see that the first images of TV Series 4 have just been unveiled, over at Big Bad Toy Store.  The images aren't the best quality, but it's the best we can do, for right now.
Check 'em out!!
 photo toy1_zpsf4fac0c9.jpg
 photo toy2_zps098fe17d.jpg
(This better have an interchangeable eye patch head!!)
 photo toy5_zps55922578.jpg
 photo toy4_zps7ce5b10c.jpg
 photo toy3_zps8673ad4a.jpg

TV Series 4 is set for release in September, and you can pre-order individual toys or the entire set over at the aforementioned Big Bad Toy Store!!
 photo wdddd_zps5871ce64.jpg

Also coming out in September is a Dixon brothers two pack, which look to be the same figures released individually in past series', only with Merle sporting a blue shirt, rather than the tan one he was rocking in TV Series 3.  What's most exciting about this two pack is that the original Daryl figure from Series 1 is the rarest and most priceyWalking Dead toy released to date (it sells for about $200, these days!), so this gives us all the opportunity to add him to our collection, on the cheap.  Definitely gonna want to snatch this one up while ya can, before it too becomes a hot commodity!

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