Friday, April 12, 2013

Zombie Extras Needed for Two Films Shooting in Kansas City

Pay as You Go Productions is looking to cast parts in two zombie movies filming in the Kansas City area: Teenage Atomic Zombies in the 21st Century and Plight of the Living Dead
Pay as You Go Productions needs cast and crew, talent of every kind for their off the wall approach to the undead.
Teenage Atomic Zombies tells the story through cell phone video of the unintended Zombie Apocalypse and how we casually joined together on social networks and through HAXXON to save the world.
Plight of the Living Dead shows the aftermath of the Zombie Apocalypse when the government steps in to mandate care of the “Newly Animated” by their living relatives. Are Zombies alive or dead?  There is no grey in Government, so the question will be answered.
Contact Pay as you go Productions through or through
Pay as you go Productions are looking for all ages and types, a cross section of humanity that can act, dance, or trained in martial arts or ex-military.
Prior or current experience and make-up skills of the undead a major plus. Prior experience in film or theater is a plus, head shot and resume also an advantage.

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