Sunday, April 14, 2013

KICKSTARTER PROJECT: Sick-N-Contagious - a zombie horror comedy film

A group of eight individuals join together to locate a safe zone after a hillbilly terrorist pollutes the public water supply system.
We are raising money through Kickstarter to be able to begin the marketing and distribution process of our one hour movie titled “Sick-n-Contagious”. The movie is about eight individuals trying to find a safe area because the public water supply system was infected by a lone hillbilly terrorist causing humans to turn into zombies that become sick and contagious. The group of eight plan and plot to find their family members before it may be too late. They run through many obstacles trying to be evacuated from the sick.
We began this project in April of 2012 with a cast of 189 individuals for zombies and a main cast of eight actors to play lead roles. When we began this project, we had no funding for make-up, locations, craft services, scripts, editing and distribution. The movie has special effects with green screen appearances, driving shots, airport scene, grocery stores, motorcycle club, homes in several surrounding towns and various light comedy scenes. We completed the movie but are in need of funds for marketing and distribution. The movie has a chance of getting a sequel if funded. Scott Smith of LB Productions directed and edited the movie. All cast and crew volunteered their time and energy for 3 months to create the movie. The entire crew has done an awesome job on the zombie like appearances of the sick. We had multiple newspaper and television recognition.
LB Productions would like to raise enough funds to distribute the movie into film festivals both national and worldwide, along with distribution for television. We are also trying to raise funds for merchandising and screenings. The film is worth watching and is television ready. LB Productions is leaving the credits open for those who choose to help us kick start our project (visit the reward page). Please help us kick start our movie titled “Sick-n-Contagious’.
Thank you for your time in reviewing our project. This is a one hour movie that is horror with some light comedy. The movie has been registered.
Scott Smith and Debbie Jensen of LB Productions

Risks and challenges

The main risk is not finding distribution. If we meet our goal with the funding, distribution is through film festivals and television programming.

For more info or to make a pledge, click here!

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