Friday, April 19, 2013


All times are Eastern!

1st HOUR 8-9pm EST Please welcome to Zombiepalooza Radio for the first time & hopefully not the last a talented artist, befriended by my dear friend Zomb' G and creator of many celebrities jewlery Mr. Johnny Blades.

Celebrities have taken quite an interest in Blades’ pieces. Among those who have worn and commissioned pieces are Fear Factory, Guns and Roses, and Rob Zombie. Blades’ most official sponsor is celebrity Metal Sanaz. After meeting online through a mutual interest in art and music, Metal Sanaz consistently wears Blades art for photo shoots and interviews with some of heavy metal music’s heavyweights.

Johnny Blades can produce something for anyone with any taste: young, old, male, female, conservative, edgy… you name it, he will take any concept and turn it into a wearable work of art!

2nd HOUR 9-10pm EST Zombiepalooza Radio is pleased to welcome back New York Bestselling Author of Patient Zero & his latest Extinction Machine Mr. Jonathan Maberry.

3rd HOUR 10-11pm EST please welcome Author Eric A Shelman who will be discussing his zombie series:

4th HOUR ADDITION: please welcome back to Zombiepalooza Radio the Amazingly talented Eric Fox. He was a part of my Face Off production show a few weeks back and is the S FX designer on the project of Undying.

4th HOUR 11-12pm EST please welcome Jared Butler with his current kickstarter project UNDYING: 

We are a crew of Hollywood pros and enthusiastic fans coming together to reinvent zombies as heroes (in a post-apocalyptic world filled with evil humans). We're raising funds on Kickstarter right now for what we hope will be a groundbreaking little film



5th HOUR 12-1am I will be bringing on individuals who have experienced first hand cyber bullying. This topic is very heated it may strike a nerve in your own personal life as bullying knows no boundries. There are many who say it is a two sided he said she said thing, however here on Zombiepalooza Radio it matters not who started the original bullying, but that it STOPS! Creating Meme's of handicapped people, foul mouthing someone's livelihood, Hating because you are not well sought after like others, punishing by threatening others bodily harm whether you intend or not, making fun of anyone who commits suicide, All of this is happening to people I know and/or care about. When I was young I was horribly picked on in school, abused at home, and felt like no one truly gave a damn. Now that I have my own ground, know my mind and have people wih me that I know love and care for me; I will pound the ground loudly against any and all sorts of bullying. After what I posted the other day on here I know for a fact that pages were take down and sanitized. All that will not mean a damn if FB decides that they too have had enough. I am not going to mention YOUR names again since that would get you what YOU want. The show will be open mic it will allow anyone even YOU to stop by and speak. I however, you go on a tangent and start spewing vulgarities, or hate speech you will be bounced from the air. The call in line is 330-824-1286. There is one retraction I wil make here there is a video of a "tribute" to The Walking Dead the video in question is to be supported by an executive at the studio. I have yet to hear back from their legal department for confirmation on this matter. Until I hear from them it is not something that I am willing to say stands in good grace. I am very protective of my walkers on this show, this show is my new baby and I will not allow anything or anyone to do harm to it, or its content. If you are offended by this post because I am taking a stand against this then so be it. You know where the door is, however, if you too have experienced bullying on any level for being a zombie enthusiats, being the "wrong" this that or the other bring your experience to this hour.

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