Saturday, April 27, 2013


1st HOUR 8-9 pm EST on first time listed on Zombiepalooza Radio Author Dan William's brings us his series 'The Mace of the Apocalypse' which puts the reader at the forefront of the zombie apocalypse, following a small group of survivors as they battle each other and the undead in San Francisco. Now starting on his fourth and final book in the series, Daniel is excited to tie together any loose ends, and create an explosive, yet satisfying end for the characters he has come to love.

2nd HOUR 9-10 pm EST on please welcome Zombie Response Team
"Zombie Response Team is a group of individuals dedicated to the eradication of the walking dead. Our main base of operations is in San Antonio, TX and we're slowly expanding with ZRT branches. We prepare people for natural disasters and emergency situations by preparing them for the absolute worst situation: the zombie apocalypse."

3rd HOUR 10-11 pm EST on for the first time on Zombiepalooza Radio please join the crew from ZombieCast! Listen as they talk about their weekly production of topics include: news, survival, and pop culture surrounding zombies and the horror genre, all the while chatting live with the fans! They have interviewed authors and actors alike, as well as breaking down the walking dead while it's in season, and horror movies when it's not. Head on over to to check out the latest news in horror and send us a message!

4th HOUR 11-12 pm EST on please join talented author and creative specialist Catt Dahman as we chat Zompoc and the more creative aspects of the Zombie Apocalypse.

5th HOUR 12-1am EST on T.L. Decay's debut of Piercing Undead T. L. Decay will be joined with the crew from this zompoc thriller to discuss it's creatiion and launch.

Honorary mention goes to Jack Wallen for bringing Zombie Response Team to the Show tonight. He will also be joining us on 2nd hour to discuss his book Lie Zombie Lie where Zombie Response Team plays a major role.

Honorary mention goes to James Barker for bring the crew from ZomieCast to the show tonight. He is not only my co-host but has an acting career including The Walking Dead as one of my favorite Zombies.


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