Sunday, April 14, 2013

The ‘State of Decay’ release date announcement gets celebrated with new footage

Now that Undead Labs has informed gamers that their zombie survival title, “State of Decay,” is releasing this June on Xbox Live Arcade, the developer yesterday revealed new in-game footage for the game to further excite players who are waiting for the game in anticipation.
The new trailer shows off several different survivors of the game as they run, fight, drive, and build in world that has become overrun with forces of the living dead inside “State of Decay.” The reason gamers are seeing so many different characters in the video is because after they discover new survivors, players will be able to build their personal reputation with each member they recruit into their survival group. Once any given survivor’s overall reputation becomes friendly, players can switch to that character and actively control them. It will become necessary to switch characters in such a manner in order to allow survivors time to rest and recuperate.
State of Decay” will be releasing on Xbox Live Arcade at some point this June.

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