Thursday, April 11, 2013

Zombie geeks, here’s your chance to win a Survivor ticket to “The Walking Dead” Escape, in Philadelphia, April 21!

Check out “The Walking” Dead Escape Tagline Contest on Facebook for official rules on how you could win one Survivor ticket to “The Walking Dead” Escape Philadelphia. I’ll summarize them here: submit a tagline that portrays the gruesomeness of “The Walking Dead” Escape Experience, collect the most votes by April 7, and boom, you could be the winner of a free ticket to the most terrifying zombie challenge.
“The Walking Dead” Escape (TWDE) is the ultimate zombie apocalypse experience! It’s no-holds-barred as you, a Survivor, run, slide, jump, dodge, crawl and climb your way past hundreds of zombies in a mind-twisting and physically challenging obstacle course. I participated as a Survivor last year at Comic-Con, and I’m definitely looking forward to the thrill of escaping grabby and lurking zombies this July at Petco Park in San Diego!
If you’re not the lucky winner, you still have time to purchase tickets to the Philadelphia or San Diego escape. Buy your tickets early and let it be known that this is the most realistic zombie encounter you’ll engage in. You have three ticket types to choose from: Survivor, Walker, Spectator.
As a Survivor you gotta run or be zombie chum! You’ll be running for your life as zombies grab you from every corner and obstacle you encounter. Your goal is to navigate the course of Walkers and survive several zones including: The Prison Gauntlet, Evacuation Zone, Herd Highway and more! Just when you think you’ve cleared the course and escaped the walking undead, you’re stopped dead (no pun intended) in your tracks by FEMA teams as they run top-secret tests on you to see if you’ve been contaminated. This is a 35-50 minute life changing experience and worth every dollar!
Walker/Horde Heroes
Get zombified, join the hordes of undead and unleash your inner zombie on participating Survivors as a Walker. For $78 you can aimlessly roam the course for 2.5 hours as a zombie, have a professional makeup session and take part in Walker training. For an extra $52 ($130 total) become a Horde Hero; you get an extended makeup session and can stroll the course as long as you’d like. As a Walker or Horde Hero, this is your opportunity to grunt, growl, drool, grab and seek your next victim!
Invite your friends to watch the apocalypse from the sidelines as Spectators. For a minimal $25, Spectators have up-close access to all the action.
The Philadelphia escape will take place Sunday, April 21, at the Wells Fargo Center Complex. Check out “The Walking Dead” Escape Philadelphia for more information on the event and follow them on Twitter @TWDEscape  for Philadelphia and San Diego updates!
Now go submit your tagline ’cause they’re coming to get you, Philadelphia!
Good luck!

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