Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Indiegogo Project: Too Young To Die

There are few things more likely to push buttons in horror movies than kids in peril. We don’t seem to see too many filmmakers braving that territory these days, perhaps due to the old maxim about children and animals – but in-development British horror Too Young To Die promises to dive headfirst into that tricky area with much gusto, showing a zombie apocalypse from the perspective of a group of young kids. From the look of the trailer below (a proof of concept job, I believe), we shouldn’t anticipate The Monster Squad vs Deadites here. This looks like serious, potentially challenging stuff – and while similar ideas have been explored by Charlie Higson’s The Enemy novels, this looks more akin to the kitchen sink intimacy and claustrophia of Marc Price’s Colin.
After a train crash, a small village in the North of England is overrun with the living dead. As the authorities are scattered, a group of children stay hidden in their school, protected by the last few teachers. But when the creatures find a way in, the children find themselves alone and on the run in a city saturated in blood and suffering. Together, they keep each other safe as they look for help and survival, unsure if they are alone in this terror – or if the whole world is now overrun…
Production company Eze as Pi are seeking funding through Indiegogo; check it out here, and/or visit the Too Young To Die site for more info.

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