Thursday, April 3, 2014

Kickstarter project: Zombie Schoolgirls, Attack!!

The Schoolgirl Alliance battle bounty hunters, zombies, and more as they attempt to safeguard a serum that can create a super army.
SOPHIE, CINDY, and KATY are the Schoolgirls Alliance, a crack team of teen aged bounty hunters who are rounding up “half breed” zombies freed after a disastrous raid on the UZRF (Ulster Zombie Research Foundation). They’re so successful that fellow Bounty Hunters collectively decide to wipe them out, so facing off against the undead soon becomes the least of their worries.
At the UZRF, DR SINGER has come up with the “7.3” serum that, when injected into humans, makes them super-strong and resistant to pain. Singer intends the serum to be used for good, but is alarmed when his colleague DR FAIRCHILD envisions using it to create super-armies. Singer escapes the UZRF with the serum and stumbles across the Schoolgirl Alliance. The Schoolgirl Alliance agree to help Singer escape the country, but when the massed forces of Bounty Hunters and soldiers intercept them on their mission, a showdown ensues of epic proportions!
Written, Directed & Produced by George Clarke
Produced by Mike Leeder - Brandon Rhea - Kenny Martin - Rachel C. Johnston - Vivian Jamison
About Us
My name is George Clarke, founder of Belfast based indie production house and director of award winning features:
and my latest, ONUS (aka ONUS).
For over 6 years now, we have had endless battles with the funding bodies of Northern Ireland who ignore our achievements and teachings (as we have built our work through pure passion without a day of film education) because we dare to dream!
When I launched Yellow Fever Productions in 2007, I wanted to create an educational platform that gave dreamers and wanna-be film makers the chance to gain all practical knowledge from the get-go. Our first film (BOTB) was the most ambitious Northern Irish indie feature to date, and launched with the biggest world premiere the country had ever seen. Since then, we have had around 600 people through the door both in front of, and behind the camera, helping to kick start their CV in the industry which has led to many of them working on such projects such as Game Of Thrones, The Fall and many Hollywood produced and locally shot features. 
Meanwhile, I'm still here... struggling to find funding to give the next set of talent their break and continue to do what we do best, entertain!
With the previous films mentioned, we managed to make some amazing things for very ultra-low budgets. And even with these no-budgets, we have still managed to gain great reviews and nods from industry professionals, win awards and have our films used as teaching tools in film schools from here to the US.
At the end of 2013, our titles where picked up for North American release, and now we really want to get stuck in to 2014 with some great projects!
Our latest film - ZOMBIE SCHOOLGIRLS, ATTACK!! - is an anime inspired martial arts, zombie, action comedy set in the post zombie world of steampunk. Think, Powerpuff Girls meets Naruto; World War Z meets Jackie Chan. With 3 beautiful and funny girls cast in the lead roles, we have a cast of around 200 ready to go to action with the first of what we hope is a trilogy.
Teaser Poster for ZSA
Teaser Poster for ZSA
With a wider release of our first feature films, many people have criticized and pointed out the mistakes (that we well know of) not knowing how fast we produced them and what we couldn't do with the extremely low - almost non-existent - budget we had. Still, we did it! Every time the funding bodies said no, we went straight out and still made a complete feature that went on to impress many critics and fans.
To pour salt in the wounds, in 2011 during the London riots, we lost almost £14,000 worth of DVD stock (that we created on our own label) when the rioters burnt down the Sony warehouse. To this day, we still have not received a penny of compensation, and I don't think we ever will. This snowballed into almost losing my company when the banks moved in, until we were saved last minute by a private investor.
Yet with so many knock-backs, and so many walls put up, we still motor on and give 100's of new faces a kick start in film making!
Having no paycheck over 7 years takes it toll, and having 2 kids along with that adds to the struggle. This is why, with our latest production ZSA, we have launched our Kickstarter campaign in a bid to reach out to those of you that understand how passion drives us, and how the need to create and tell stories is so pursued by people like myself and many others we are trying to help!
For this fund raising campaign, we have still kept our target low (on average with many film campaigns we have looked at) but have our fingers crossed that we can sell almost all of the incentives offered because, as we all know, the more money there is at the end of it all, the better the film will end up. With our incentives, we have offered some amazing packages with lots of collectible memorabilia from ZOMBIESCHOOLGIRLS, ATTACK!! which we know will be quite the hit. 
With our target hit, we can focus on looking after the large cast and crew, and getting some fantastic make-up FX put together as well as some amazing steampunk costumes. But by selling all of our incentives, we can make an even more amazing production with the ability to pay a team to help give us what we need. Some of the incentives offered include a signed copy of the DVD upon release, artwork, roles in the film, VIP invites to the World Premiere (please note these do not include flights and accommodation unless otherwise notified), signed ZSA photo book, t-shirt, and even VIP dinner with myself and the tam before the big show!
Alongside the feature, I will be drawing the story as a graphic novel to go into publication, hopefully to accompany the film upon release. Below is a number of quick(not my usual polished cartoons) storyboards from a teaser that we are currently doing for you guys, to let you see what is coming. Please note, that the fight scenes are not detailed in these as we will be choreographing these on set!!
There's more to come, but we will save that for the trailer itself! I hope that you can see what we are doing with Yellow Fever Productions and all that comes through our doors, and can help donate, spread the word and support our latest endeavor to kick off what will be a fantastic piece of entertainment for you and all involved! In doing so, and should we see our target climb, I will keep you updated every week by video on how things are going and to thank all who have donated and when we go over our required target, the girls themselves will have a little input too...
Many thanks in advance for taking time to look at our page. If you have any further questions or want to see more about us, please check out our main website and see what we are all about!! We hope to see your name on our film soon...
Many thanks,
George Clarke

Risks and challenges

Making a film presents many obstacles and hard work, but with your help, we can work together to make sure everything we need to get this project done correctly, will be in place. The amount of money we seek is a fair amount of money, yes, but we feel that that amount is accurately portrayed to help us bring our best project so far, to life.
This can aid proper scheduling, anticipating problems before they happen and not treating the crew like animals, as well as the correct tools for the make up team and plenty of tea. It is quite cold here in NI you know!
Being a film maker now for almost a decade, I understand what it takes to get the job done and to make everyone happy. Part of being on a set is getting along with everyone and keeping a smile n their faces no matter how tough things get. On top of that, we have a host of new talent that needs to be seen, and as always - the promise of once again, inspiring the next generation to get out there and follow their dreams!

For more info or to make a pledge, click here!

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