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Kickstarter Project: Dead Islands

Hawaii turns into hell when zombies attack. Who's behind the outbreak? Will Ben & Ty escape the island?
A mysterious disease kills dozens. 
Political tensions mount between old enemies. 
A man must confront his past in the face of death. 
Trapped on an island and surrounded by the undead, a small group struggles for survival. 
Ben Chase and Ty Smith, friends and English teachers working in Korea, travel to Hawaii for an adventure. Paradise becomes hell, when the dead awaken and attack the living. Caught in crowded streets during a sporting event, Ben must confront his past and overcome his fears. Will the group find safety so they can plan their escape? 
Scroll to the bottom for an excerpt from the story.
Drawn by Ryan Browne
Drawn by Ryan Browne
An 8x11 color print of this drawing is available in the Survivor's Cache pledge level. 
About the story...
The zombies in my story are slow zombies, no fast runners here. Civilians aren't picking up guns and hitting perfect head shots with every round. It's also not one of those stories where overnight the world's societies have collapsed and 99.9% of people are now zombies. 
There is a sinister and calculated method behind the zombie outbreak. DEAD ISLANDS contains some clues about who's behind it and what's happening. But the bulk of the story is about Ben, Ty and their friends surviving the initial shock and chaos of a violent outbreak like this.
Over the course of the series, I'll be diving into how the outbreak affects not just Ben and his friends but the world as a whole. I feel like a lot of books breeze over the political aspects of an international disaster on this scale. How do nations react? Do they cooperate or is it every nation for themselves? What lengths would governments go to in order to contain the threat? 
Given our level of technology, widespread gun ownership, and competent law enforcement and military personnel in America, would a zombie apocalypse really be as devastating as people assume? 
These are the kinds of questions I'll be tackling in DEAD ISLANDS and the rest of the series. Hopefully, you find the questions as interesting as I do. 
DEAD ISLANDS is the first book in the Necrose Series.
The book is complete and has already been read by four (4) alpha readers (critiquers). I've already incorporated their feedback and polished up the manuscript. My alpha readers have described the story as well plotted, fast-paced, interesting, and fun.
On April 14th, I sent the manuscript to my editor. Yes, it's already with the editor!
DEAD ISLANDS is a 30,000+ word novella that leads into a trilogy. Book one covers the first few days of the outbreak. The trilogy covers the first few weeks and as a whole is called the Early Days Trilogy. Book two is nearly 50% complete and I have outlined book 3. 
If the books are well received, I have ideas for several more books, one of which is already outlined.
Author Tim Moon hiking Gwanaksan, a mountain Ben & Ty would have hiked.
Author Tim Moon hiking Gwanaksan, a mountain Ben & Ty would have hiked.

Why Kickstarter?

It’s cool to go it alone but it’s more fun with a friend.
I am prepared to do this on my own. I have a cover and the story is already with the editor. However, I need help to take this book to the next level. That's where you come in! 
A great cover goes a long way to help sell a good book. I would like your help in making that happen. 
So, why use Kickstarter? 
Because Kickstarter is an amazing community of creativity-loving people! I want to connect with you, build a community around my story, and most importantly - take this book to the next level
HELP! I need a new cover!
HELP! I need a new cover!

About the Benjamins (Money) 

So, where is the money going?
Book Cover: $245
Paperbacks (printing & shipping): $250
Art Prints = $40 (By Artist: Ryan Browne from ZombiePETZ)
Photo Prints = $40
Postcards = $40
Ship Rewards: $95
Kickstarter/Amazon Fees: $71
Total: $777
I have stretch goals planned if we can knock this zombie's head off his shoulders. 
Let's kill these stretch goals!
Let's kill these stretch goals!
There are three stretch goals, anything over the 3rd goal will go first to editing and second to marketing.  
Stretch Goal #1: $950 - LOCKED - Bookmarks for all paperback buyers (Quick Survivalist and up). Plus, a photo eBook of Hawaii, which will be free for all backers.
Stretch Goal #2: $1,200 - LOCKED - I will write a new story (novelette) & I will also make a photo eBook of places I've been in Korea, both of which will be free for all backers.
Stretch Goal #3: $1,600 - LOCKED - I will commission another work of art and one (1) print will be sent to all paperback buyers (Quick Survivalist and up). 
Click for campaign details.
Click for campaign details.

Pledge Levels

All pledge levels will receive:
1) A hearty thank you on my website, along with a wish of good luck during the zombie apocalypse.
2) Mentioned in the back of the book (print & digital).
3) Receive one author’s choice digital photo/wallpaper from the Big Island.
Other rewards are mentioned in the descriptions in the sidebar.


For naming or character pledges, please understand that I own the copyright to the material. Also, nothing ridiculous, humorous, no copyright infringement, etc. Normal, easy to pronounce, human names only please.
69 Beach North of Waikoloa
69 Beach North of Waikoloa
 --- EXCERPT ---
The Air Marshal reached in and grabbed the man by the collar, yanking him up like a kitten. The man growled and waved his arms like a maniac.
Something splattered me. I wiped my face. My hand came away red with blood. Bile burned the back of my throat. I backed up a couple of steps.
The poor woman wasn’t screaming anymore, it was more of a pitiful moan. My stomach knotted up at the thought of her blood splattered on my face.
With a smooth motion, the Marshal forced the man to the ground. He placed his knee in the middle of the man’s back and pulled out handcuffs. The Marshal struggled to grab both of the man’s hands, slick with blood.
A flight attendant and the doctor from earlier stepped in to help the victim.
“This is so messed up.” Ty said behind me. 
“No doubt,” I said, nodding in agreement.
Finally, the man was handcuffed. The Marshal stood up and looked around.
The dead woman in the other row, woke and began biting the nearest passenger. Yelling and screaming broke out again.
One man tried to push her off the victim. She bit him too, tearing a piece off of his bicep. He stumbled back into the aisle, cradling his arm. To my surprise, she swallowed the piece whole, barely chewing at all. She wasn’t just biting people, she was feeding.
“Oh, my god. Did you see that?” I said to Ty. This was too much to take in. My heart raced and my palms began to sweat.
Like a deer caught in headlights, I stood in the aisle mesmerized by the gruesome sight.
The Air Marshal bounded across the plane. He pulled her out of the row of seats and threw her into the aisle. Her blue t-shirt was stained red. She turned and launched herself at him.
They grappled in the aisle, bumping into other passengers who ducked and squealed. Several got up to get out of the way.
One of the frightened passengers bumped into the Marshal, knocking him off balance. The crazed woman pushed forward, snapping her jaws at the Marshal and slamming him against the bathroom wall.
The Marshal’s hand slipped. She took a chunk off his forearm, blood squirted onto her face. He bellowed in pain and tried to shove her away. Blood splattered on the wall as they continued to struggle.
He was able to knee her in the stomach and shove her back, creating some space to maneuver. Knowing he was in danger, the Air Marshal pulled his gun out and fired.
He pumped two shots into her chest.
Everyone seemed to jump in shock. The sound of the shots were deafening in the enclosed space.
The woman stumbled back, her arms flailed, slapping passengers and leaving bloody streaks on their faces like warpaint. When she regained balance, she started back at the Marshal. It barely even phased her.
He fired again. She kept coming.
--- END of EXCERPT ---
More about author Tim Moon:

Risks and challenges

DEAD ISLANDS is already a completely written 30,000+ word novella. It has been through four (4) alpha readers and is currently with my editor.
The art for the prints was created by Ryan Browne of ZombiePETZ.
Photos for photo prints will be chosen by me from my collection.
Postcards will be sent before I leave Korea.
Since I currently live in Korea, it's not easy or cost effective to have the books shipped to me here. So, paperback books will not be sent until I return home in June. Once I arrive back home, I will send off for the proof, order the books, and ship them out. I set August as the delivery date just in case there are any strange, unexpected delays.
My timelines include extra time in case something falls through. But all in all, barring some major disaster this will be done.

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