Friday, April 4, 2014

Zombies as viewed by children

If Bill Cosby has taught us anything in his long and illustrious career it's that kids indeed do say the darndest things, and the YouTube channel Bored Shorts TV is all about that idea. The channel has risen to popularity with their 'Kid Snippets' series, where they give a group of young kids a general topic, and film them talking about it for a couple minutes. They then create skits based on those conversations, laying the audio over top of them acting out the conversations that the kids had.
Earlier this month they took inspiration from The Walking Dead and used zombies as the topic of discussion, which not suprisingly resulted in a hilarious conversation that serves as an adorable insight into the way that children view the undead monsters that us adults have become so familiar with over the years. Zombies have never been so cute and cuddly, that's for damn sure.
Check out the hilarious video below, which plays out like a scene from The Walking Dead... as written by 5 year olds!

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