Monday, April 21, 2014

R is for Rose - Blogging From A To Z Challenge 2014

                                 R is for Rose - Blogging From A To Z Challenge 2014

                                                                          Shock Waves 1977

The film opens as Rose (Brooke Adams) is found drifting alone in a small rowboat. Two fishermen find the dinghy and pull her onto their boat, barely alive and in a horrible state. Her voiceover indicates she had been rescued from some terrifying experience. The film's events are flashbacks.
Rose is seen previously as part of a small group of tourists aboard a small commercial pleasure boat. The Captain (John Carradine) seems to be having trouble with the boat. His mate, Keith (Luke Halpin), seems to share a mutual attraction with Rose. Also on board are Dobbs (Don Stout), who is the boat's cook; Chuck (Fred Buch), another tourist; and a bickering married couple named Norman (Jack Davidson) and Beverly (D.J. Sidney).
After some trouble with the engine, the Captain and Keith are faced with the fact that their navigation system is going haywire after they encounter a strange orange haze. The others sense that something is wrong and that they may be lost at sea. Norman in particular becomes very whiny about it, insulting the Captain and being generally abrasive to everyone. In the darkness of night, a hulking ship suddenly appears and brushes up alongside their boat, damaging it. The Captain sends up a flare, which momentarily lights up the eerie sight of a huge, rotting vessel wrecked nearby.

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*thanks to the Shock Waves Wikipedia for additional info!

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