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The Zombie Apocalypse Is Coming: Food4Patriots Warns You To Prepare

The zombie trend is real, and it does not appear to be going away any time soon, notes survivalist supplier Food4Patriots. Let’s take a look at how this trend has evolved, and what it has done to society and businesses.

Zombie lore has long been a part of the human experience. Several ancient religions have stories about zombies and people returning from the dead.

Pop culture experts, such as Pennsylvania State University professor Peter Dendle, date the modern rise of zombie popularity back to the 1968 movie Night of the Living Dead. George Romero’s low-budget horror flick reimagined zombies as a metaphor for modern consumerism, and began a new boom in zombie lore.

Interestingly, zombies are more popular when Republicans are in office. When the Carter administration took the White House, the popularity of zombies decreased significantly, Peter Dendle tells U-T San Diego. They resurged with the Reagan Administration and again during George W. Bush’s tenure.

Throughout the Obama administration, however, zombies have remained quite popular. AMC’s wildly popular television series The Walking Dead, based on a comic book series by Robert Kirkman is one of cable’s most popular shows. It recently ended its fourth season, and a fifth season is under production.

Why the continuing popularity of zombies?

The psychology of zombie lore has evolved over the years. Romero’s zombies directly reflected society’s growing unease with the consumerism of the 50s and 60s. Reagan-era zombies dealt with fears of yuppies mindlessly conforming.

How about now? Food4Patriots has a theory. “We have a lot of customers who joke about stocking up for the zombie apocalypse,” they say, “But the truth is that they are unsure about the stability of modern society. They want to be able to protect themselves and their family from whatever comes next.”

 In The News
While it might sound a little crazy to fear actual zombies, real-life zombie tales have arisen in the news. The so-called “Miami Zombie Attack” caught the nation’s attention in 2012 when a young man attacked a man and ate part of his face.

31-year-old Rudy Eugene attacked 65-year-old transient Ronald Poppo for over 18 minutes. Eugene beat and stripped the victim, then began biting into his face and eating his flesh. Miami Police were forced to kill Eugene to end the attack. Infamously, the first shot Eugene took did not deter him from his gruesome feast.

While preliminary reports suggested the man was under the influence of a drug called bath salts, toxicology reports were inconclusive, and the reason for Eugene’s behavior is still unknown.

That did not stop people across the country from exclaiming that a zombie apocalypse must be near, Food4Patriots notes. Neither did a similar attack a few months later. While people joke about impending zombie hoards, they are also preparing.

The National Geographic Channel promotes its show Doomsday Preppers with the claim that over 3 million Americans believe that societal collapse is inevitable, and people must prepare. Preppers are driving a growing disaster preparedness industry.

Food4Patriots is one of many businesses helping people prepare for whatever disaster comes next- natural or zombie. They create long-term food survival solutions including heirloom seeds and prepackaged foods. Their high-quality survival food rations are rated to last for 25 years, and come packaged in secure, lightweight, waterproof storage totes.

They note that most people fear things far more likely than a zombie outbreak. Overabundance of genetically modified foods (GMOs), too much reliance on the energy grid, and government overreach are all reasons preppers cite for building their supplies.

“Zombies have taught us to prepare for the worst,” says Food4Patriots. “Although it is fiction, it shows the general public worst case scenarios, and that they need to be prepared for.”

The Centers for Disease Control uses this same reasoning for why they have joined the zombie preparedness bandwagon. They use the zombie possibility in a fun way, while actually encouraging people to make sure they are stocked up in case of emergency.

The CDC suggests that all households have the following items available at all times in case of natural or man-made disaster (or invading zombies):

Water—1 gallon per person per day

Food—Nonperishable food to last at least one week for each person
Medications—Make sure to always have on hand enough of the prescription and nonprescription medicines family member rely on to last for several days
Tools and Supplies—Such as utility knives, duct tapes, battery powered radio, camp stove, etc
Sanitation and Hygiene—Household bleach, soap, water treatment drops, etc.
Clothing and Bedding—At least one weather-appropriate change of clothes for each family member, and enough blankets and bedding to keep warm and prevent hypothermia
First Aid Supplies— The Red Cross suggests you have absorbent compresses, adhesive bandages, adhesive cloth tape, antibiotic ointment, antiseptic wipes, a breathing barrier for administering CPR, instant cold compresses, non-latex gloves, roller bandages, sterile gauze pads, scissors, and tweezers.

Zombies And You
While the threat of a zombie apocalypse may not actually be looming over modern society, the possibility has entered the American consciousness in a unique and lasting way. As you enjoy the zombie stories popular culture continues to tell, Food4Patriots reminds you to think about how your family is prepared for any disaster that may come.


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