Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Up for a Zombie Road Trip?

The world you know is gone. Something terrible has happened. The dead have risen and they want your brains. You are humanity's last hope to find a cure. Do you have what it takes to survive in this new world? Because if you don't, maybe one of your opponents does! And then not only will you be zombie food, but you'll also be a loser. These are the problems you face in the Zombie Road Trip Game.
In Zombie Road Trip, you'll travel though the wasteland game board in search of a cure. Carry out board actions, collect ammo tokens and toll passes, while fending off zombie attacks. If you're good enough, you can gain access to the inner track and collect cure tokens from known infection sites. Of course these sites are swarming with zombies, so you better hope you brought enough ammo! The first person to complete their scorecard by acquiring four cure tokens and returning them to their home base is the winner. Zombie Road Trip Game - survive this road trip, and you might just save the world.
Zombie Road Trip Game Copy
  • For Ages 12 and up.
  • Scavenge through the wasteland game board and collect 4 cure tokens before your opponents. If you do, you save humanity. If you don't, you become brunch.
  • Number of Players: 2-4.
  • Average Game Time: 60-90 mins.
  • Includes: Game Board, 4 Unique Character Pieces, 4 Unique Score Cards, 128 Ammo Tokens, 16 Cure Tokens, 45 Toll Passes, 1 Fabric Pouch, 48 Survival Cards, 48 50/50 Cards, 6 Dice, and Rule Book.
  • Game Board Dimensions: approx. 20" square.

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