Thursday, April 10, 2014

Kickstarter Project: 1000 zombie portraits art project

SEE YOURSELF WITH UNDEAD EYES ... and help me complete the 1000 ZOMBIES art project. video coming soon!! if you have questions please ask...
For the last 2 years I've been steadily working towards drawing and painting 1000 zombies as part of an art project. It began as a side project to fill in the gaps between other commissions ... now it's time to kick it in to high gear and complete all 1000 zombies in time for my first solo art show in August 2014.
What is the 1000 zombies project?
The 1000 zombies project is all about drawing 1000 zombies, and you get to have a say in who those zombies are. It's also a way to allow the fans of my artwork get themselves or their family drawn as a zombie without the higher cost of a full on commission.
I choose to do 1000 because I had seen some other projects that had 1000 photos or 1000 artists, so I thought 1000 zombies would be a good fit. And 1000 zombies has a nice ring to it too.
On Jan 25th 2012 the very first zombie of the project was drawn along with her 3 kids.
So who gets to be a zombie?
If you sign up for the 1000 zombies project, you can get yourself zombified ... that's the most common choice ... or you could choose to get your pet zombified ...
or you and your pet ... 
or as a couple ...
 or perhaps you want revenge ...
maybe your boss ...  or your child ... the choices and possibilities are really only limited by your imagination. I will not draw any hate imagery nor will I draw sexually explicit zombies either. Otherwise the sky is the limit. 
Here's a couple before and after images.
What's in it for you?
First off, you get yourself or whomever you've chosen drawn as a zombie. You get a high res digital file of your zombie to print out or put on a t-shirt, mug or whatever. Many of the people that I have drawn as zombies use them for their social media avatars. Especially around Halloween. 
Eventually there will be an ebook that includes your zombie with a story about how it became a zombie. Here is a couple examples from the first ebook which includes zombies 1-50.
I'm also going to put all 1000 zombies together in to 1 colossal digital image, which you also get.
I have some ideas for stretch goals too, and hopefully I can get to them as the project progresses.
When I finally manage to draw and paint all 1000 zombies for this project I will be putting them on display in galleries. The first one will take place in Winnipeg Manitoba during the first 2 weeks of August ... and after that I hope to take it around to different galleries and conventions.
I might also take a vow to never draw another portrait again ;)
Here are a couple of my videos showing the creation of the zombies. I am definitely going to be making many more of these ... perhaps yours too.
Who is Byron Rempel?
I'm just a family man that likes drawing zombies. I've been an artist for well over 20 years and for the last 5 years I've been drawing zombies. It has been a really good fit for my style of art, and its been a lot of fun too. I have had work in a few art galleries, but because I'm in a very small town I rely on the Internet to get noticed. I have mailed my zombie portraits and other zombie artworks to people around the world, and Google Canada commissioned me to draw over 100 of their employees as zombies. They are on display in their Toronto office.
You can find me online ... 
If you have any questions about the project, please ask. I will be doing regular updates as this progresses.

Risks and challenges

The biggest challenge is keeping this project organised. I've done pretty good so far, so if I keep on it, this should go smoothly. All the zombies that get funded will be drawn, but they have to be drawn in order. So if a lot of people sign up to be zombified, it might take a little while to get each one done, so I only ask for a little patience while I get through the list.
The other risk is that I don't get all the spots filled for the project in time for the art show, but the show will go on. I have literally hundreds of zombie drawings and paintings that can be used. I really want this to be the centerpiece though, so I'm going to be pushing hard.

For more info or to make a pledge, click here!

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