Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Zombies gettin' ready to rrrruuuuummmmmmmmmmmmbbbllleee!!

Remember Wrestling Buddies? Klonk ‘em! Bonk ‘em! Tug ‘em! Hug ‘em!

Well now, in what seems like a perfect storm of horror merchandising, they’re back from the dead – literally! It’s not Tonka that’s resurrecting these plush combatants from under the mat, but Electric Zombie who has teamed up with Horror Decor and artist Matthew Skiff for these awesome toys as part of their LEGENDS NEVER DIE series 2 release. Also included in the line are some new tees featuring zombified versions of Jake the Snake, Big Bossman and – my personal favorite – the leather clad tag team, Demolition!

Unfortunately it seems like the first edition of the Deadies are sold out, but EZ is currently taking pre-orders – check out their online shop for more details.


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