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REPOST: Special Update: Projects To Benefit Rick Hautala’s Family

Brian's Note: As regular readers of this blog know, horror legend and good friend Rick Hautala passed away suddenly last month. Kate Jonez at Omnium Gatherum sent me a list of several projects that are generating proceeds to help Rick's family in their time of need. Some of the other projects listed here were posted on the official Rick Hautala website. Holly and the kids are great people who definitely didn't deserve to face this unexpected challenge, but these projects can help make a difference for them in the months to come.

The Wildman by Rick Hautala -- 90% of the profits in April and 80% after that will to go Rick's family:

the wildmanFrom New York Times bestselling author Rick Hautala comes a taut suspense thriller set in the dark woods of Maine.
Jeff Cameron is going back to Camp Tapiola on Lake Onwego to meet several old friends and reminisce about their childhood experiences at camp. But not all of their childhood memories are good.
For thirty-five years, lingering images of their friend Jimmy Foster’s lifeless body being pulled from the lake has disturbed Jeff’s peace of mind. Was Jimmy Foster's death an accident or murder? The authorities had said Jimmy's death was an accidental drowning, but Jeff had always believed there was more to the story.
Why after all these years did his old friend arrange this reunion? And why can't Jeff escape the feeling that his friend has a hidden agenda. What is this reunion is really about? And another question remains... who is The Wildman?
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Moondeath by Rick Hautala -- 90% to 100% of all the profits in 2013 will to go Rick's family:

"One of the best horror novels I've read in the last two years!"
-- Stephen King (1980)
"Rick Hautala's writing shines with dedication, hard earned craft, and devotion."
-- Peter Straub, The New York Times
Bestselling novelist Rick Hautala's first novel is back! With cover art by the legendary Glenn Chadbourne and an all new introduction from bestselling author Christopher Golden, the Evil Jester Press edition of MOONDEATH is a must have for every horror fan.
The author of the blood-curdling hologram hit Night Stone delivers again with a shocking new stunner. Engineer Dale Harmon and four others are about to face an unstoppable onslaught of bloody terror that will far surpass their most gruesome nightmares!
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Sunfall Manor by Peter Giglio -- 100% of all the profits in April will to go Rick's family:

sunfall manorEdgar is a ghost cursed to spend his nights at Sunfall Manor, an apartment complex that was once a farmhouse in the flatlands of Nebraska. Every night he must move through five different dwellings, haunted by the living—a drunken and paranoid writer, an abused housewife, a colder-than-ice web-mistress, a two-bit drug dealer, and a crazy old man who plays with puppets—trying to unlock the secrets of who he is. But tonight is different. The lost souls of Sunfall Manor are ready to give up the ghost, and the past is ready to open its cold, unforgiving arms.
“Sunfall Manor is a gem of a story that reminds me of Sherwood Anderson’s Winesburg, Ohio...vignettes of lives lived and lost with touches of sadness, regret, and vengeance. A tale sure to send more than a few shivers up your spine...and your soul.”
-- Rick Hautala, author of Indian Summer and Little Brothers
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Inheritance by Joe McKinney -- 100% of all the profits in April will to go Rick's family:

**Nominated for the Bram Stoker Award® - Superior Achievement in Novel - 2012**
inheritancePaul Henninger is a rookie cop on San Antonio's troubled East Side, where every night is a war against the gangs and the drug dealers. But Paul has a dark past, and a dark inheritance.
The ghost of Martin Henninger has returned to make sure his son, Paul, delivers on his apocalyptic charge, the result of Martin's black magic, and he’s killing everyone in his path.
With his two worlds colliding, and the body count stacking up, Paul soon finds himself the lead suspect in a series of grisly cult-style killings, and in an emotional standoff between duty, the truth, his wife, and his dead family.
Meanwhile, Keith Anderson, San Antonio's best homicide detective, is hot on Paul's heels. His investigation takes him deep into the secrets of Paul's family. But what he finds there just might kill them both.
“When I started reading Inheritance, my first reaction was one word—WOW! I kept reading, and I was blown away. Police procedural? Yeah. Horror novel? That, too. But most importantly—one helluva novel. Joe tells a roaring good tale, and when you finish it, you’ll have a lot to say, but WOW will be the first word out of your mouth.”
— Rick Hautala, author of Glimpses and Indian Summer
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NECON E-Books to donate 100% of the profits from three titles for the next three months Rick's family:

winter wake"Effective immediately and lasting through June 30th (i.e. the entire second quarter of 2013), Necon E-Books will not take our usual Publisher’s share of all sales of Rick or Holly’s titles — WINTER WAKEDEAD VOICES and THE EPICURE. Instead, we’ll be passing those profits directly to Holly.
Dead VoicesAlong those lines, we have never once requested that our customers consider purchasing our titles directly from our own web site rather than through a third party vendor; in fact, we consider it a point of pride and emphasis that we make our titles available as widely and conveniently as possible.  However, once and only once, I’m going to make an exception in this case because the PayPal transaction fees generated by sales on our site are far less than the percentage owed to outside vendors, which means sales from our site will equate to more for Holly (and to hopefully spur our customers in that direction, we’ve made all three titles available in one easy-to-purchase bundle HERE)."
The EpicureFor those who feel more comfortable purchasing from your regular eBook store, the sales still qualify, there will just be a lower amount donated per title due to the fees the stores collects on each sale.

AudioComics Company to donate 100% of the net proceeds from downloads of “The Nephews” to Rick's family:

"The AudioComics Company was saddened to learn of the sudden passing of horror writer Rick Hautala on March 21, 2013. In honor of Rick, 100% of the net proceeds from downloads of 'The Nephews' will go to his widow, Holly Hautala."

Remarqued Copies of Blue November Storms by Brian James Freeman -- 100% of the author and artist proceeds from this special edition will to go Rick's family:

blue november stormsCemetery Dance is now accepting preorders for special copies of the Blue November Storms trade paperback edition featuring stunning COLOR REMARQUES by Glenn Chadbourne. Chadbourne will be donating his entire art fee to the Hautala family and Brian James Freeman will also be donating his earnings from each of these special copies.
A remarque is an original drawing made in the actual book by the artist, which makes that copy of the book a unique collectible. You can see some of Glenn's more elaborate color remarques here.
These special copies will be signed by Ray Garton, Glenn Chadbourne, and Brian James Freeman. Glenn is going all out to make these copies unique for the collectors who help support the Hautala family and these remarqued versions of the book should ship in late May.
(Pricing and discount accurate as of the time of posting, but most deals are for a very limited time only.)

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