Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Will The New ‘Evil Dead’ Lead To An ‘Evil Dead 7′ Crossover?

With the new remake/reboot/sequel (it appears that, with all the talk, no one’s exactly sure which it will be…though some news from WonderCon has shed a bit of light on the matter) of “Evil Dead” coming out in a short five days, rumors have been coming from all over the map about some possibilities for the franchise after its release. Director Fede Alvarez (who has done mostly short films up until now) spoke at WonderCon in Anaheim this weekend, to a crowd of fellow geeks, and released some information about future “Evil Dead” possibilities that have deadites drooling like my 12-year old self taking a gander at a bikini clad Leia.
People have already been speculating, based on some imagery from the trailer, that the new “Evil Dead” may in fact be a sequel, rather than a remake. Alvarez came close to confirming this entirely at WonderCon this weekend while adding a major new twist. First of all, he claimed that a new “Evil Dead 2” was in the works, and that an “Evil Dead 3” is also being discussed. Recently, Sam Raimi (the creator of the original “Evil Dead”) made the announcement that he’s working on “Army of Darkness 2,” which would be a sequel to “Army of Darkness,” which was in itself the third film in the original “Evil Dead” franchise, albeit in a foreign land and featuring more comedy than unsettling gore.
And here is where the bombshell is dropped. Apparently, they are planning to have both “Evil Dead” series cross over in “Evil Dead 7,” which would be the fourth film in the new “Evil Dead” franchise, and the fifth in the old. This means that old Ash (played by Bruce Campbell, who currently stars in USA’s “Burn Notice”) will be side by side with the hero of the new franchise, making “Evil Dead 7” both a new benchmark in horror films and the ultimate horror-geek cult movie.
Time will only tell if this actually takes place, but this longtime proud-to-be-deadite hopes to Jah that it does. Of course, if the new “Evil Dead” ends up being complete crap (a possibility that I’m being cautiously optimistic about), that hope may diminish to outright dread, but it’s a super-awesome idea nonetheless.
The mind boggles with the possibilities.

Exciting possibilities abound for the “Evil Dead” franchise!


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