Tuesday, May 14, 2013


If the upcoming season isn’t enough to excite you about what’s coming up for “The Walking Dead,” then maybe what Chad Coleman, who plays Tyreese, said in a recent interview will.
Coleman told MTV that a “Walking Dead” movie can – and will – happen.
A motion picture based on the show has been rumored since Season 1, but Coleman’s alluding to a movie seems to imply that someone within the show’s camp is at least talking about it.
Personal Take
Is there a fan of “The Walking Dead” who isn’t excited about Season 4?
“The Walking Dead” is, hands down, one of the best shows on TV. Getting a glimpse of anything Season 4, even a still photo, is enough to get fans’ entrails all in a twist.
While it’s definitely exciting to think about the prospects of a “Walking Dead” movie, giving into such a compulsion could hasten the demise of the show.
Think about it.
Name a TV show that became a movie while the show was still on TV that stayed around very long after the movie’s release.
Yeah. Not many, if any.
In the interview, Coleman says he thinks a “The Walking Dead” movie will happen in the near future. Let’s hope that “near future” is after the show has run its course.
After a show is off the air is the right time for a motion picture, not while the show is still on the air and raking in record viewership!
“The Walking Dead” is expected to return in October and airs on AMC, which is available on DirecTV, DISH Network and Comcast Cable in Provo.


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