Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Reviews Of The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct Video Game

"The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct may share The Walking Dead name but that’s where the similarity ends. It’s completely void of any of the atmosphere, horror, turmoil or difficult decisions, it’s just a mess. Just by playing the game for 1/5th of it’s campaign or in other words, an hour, you’ll be frustrated and annoyed at having spent money on this. The game is unfinished in every way, it’s been rushed out to coincide with the TV series and that’s disappointing."


"Despite its tie-in with the popular, zombie-themed television show, the most frightful aspect of "The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct" is the way it squanders such lofty potential."


"Ironically, given Telltale’s episodic, seat-of-their-pants releasing of The Walking Dead: The Video Game, it’s Survival Instinct that feels rushed and incomplete.  Without compelling gameplay or, worst of all, characters you actually care about, the game feels like a pointless cash-grab.  If you want a solidWalking Dead game just replay Telltale’s effort and avoid Survival Instinct like the plague that it is: another disappointing license-waster."


"There is no point in trying to explain these contradictions, because the people who created this game didn't care enough for there to be answers (or, at best, weren't given enough time or money to care). I expected better from Terminal Reality. Ghostbusters wasn't quite the real deal, but it suggested a studio that could go on to much better things - and then Kinect Star Wars, and now this. If you don't want The Walking Dead tarnished forever, then avoid Survival Instinct: it is simple hackwork, fan exploitation at its most crude."


"If you're worried about the zombie apocalypse, don't be. It's really nothing to get worked up over. Sure, humankind will find itself beset by legions of ravenous undead, but they'll be incredibly polite undead. Zombies will wait patiently for you to cave their heads in with a hammer, will file into a neat line before attacking, and will give up on chasing you after so much as three meters of exhausted shambling. At least that's how the zombie apocalypse looks according to The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct, a dull and toothless action game that presents a few interesting ideas but leaves them wallowing in a sea of shoddy execution."


Sounds like we need to hold onto our cash and give this one a pass!

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