Monday, May 27, 2013

KICKSTARTER PROJECT: Chance At Zombies: Escape From Zombie Mansion

Action packed social adventure game. Designed to stimulate Social Interaction. Compete & Cooperate. Survive & Escape...

Chance-At-Zombies is an action packed, social role-playing, strategy game that will keep you challenged, and engaged for hours with your friends. The game begins as you wake up, and find yourself trapped inside the Zombie Mansion. Find a way out before being overrun by zombies. There are 12 playable characters, and a whole lot of zombies hungering for your brains. Save your friends under distress, heal each other, and work together towards the exit, room by room. But beware, not every player can be trusted: some may harbor secret agendas, or even be infected. Save yourself, save your friends, kill zombies, find treasures! There is always more to discover, and surprises are just around the corner...
A tribute to Table-top games: 
If you are like me, then you are tired of seeing kids, even toddlers, playing their iPhones and iPads at restaurants, in parks, etc... instead of playing with other kids, or interacting with physical objects. But, I think we are all guilty to some degree, just think about how many hours YOU spend looking at a computer, or mobile screen? God forbid your work also requires sitting in front of a computer all day. I say, get off angry birds, and pick up Chance-At-Zombies for yourself, or get it for a friend in order to embark upon a face-to-face, social gaming experience that will charm and delight even the most addicted mobile gaming fans. 
Room Cards: offers a dynamic map each game
There are plenty of rooms waiting to be explored: "The Atrium", "The Lab", "The Dungeon", "The Study", are just a few to name. The Zombie Mansion will look different every game, as players begin in the "The Prison", and advance to new rooms one at a time by drawing new room cards fresh from the deck, and connecting them to the existing map. Players must decide if they want to stick together, which forces certain players to sacrifice their immediate goals; Or, players can split up, to cover more ground (Ahhh, the cliche moment when people split up in horror films)... 
Characters: memorable and unique!
Each character has a unique back story, and personal quotes. There are fighters, healers, trappers, and finders. Fighters fend off the zombies, healers help others recover from injuries, trappers guard against surprises, and finders restock on the supplies, and find the way out. 
Items: the unique skill system will drive player interaction
There are many items to choose from, but players can't use them unless they have the necessary skills. Fighters can use weapons such as guns; Healers can use med kits; Trappers can use traps; And Finders can use chests and books to restock on supplies. Players have to work together, otherwise they are sitting ducks.
Zombies: killing them is rewarding!
Zombies are a challenge, but not without rewards. There are many varieties of zombies, and defeating them is rewarded by items, food, and even level-ups! Players who level-up gain new skills, and can then use new items. 
Agendas: secret identities, and added complexity
Each player begins with a private agenda. If you are a SURVIVOR, your goal is to simply haul yourself through the Zombie Mansion, and escape. If you are an INFECTED, then your goal is also to escape. But the added catch is you must reveal your identity if you become heavily injured. If you are a VIGILANTE, you must insure that no INFECTED players escape, at all cost. If you are a PSYCHOPATH, you must escape, but leave everyone behind. 
Game Demo Video: Coming soon!
Maker video: Coming Soon!
Special perks of Pledging:
You'll get special rewards, such as custom characters, and director's cut rooms, etc. Plus, it's all for a good cause. C'mon people, support your indie developer. Expansions will be on the way. (hint: pirate, zombies, samurais, etc...)

Risks and challenges

I won't be telling the truth if I said that good games can be born solely out of love and passion. They need those, but they're also a lot of testing, grinding, and frustrating moments. I have been exceptionally lucky with my artists so far, Joe B. has been incredibly understanding and helpful and instrumental in bring the project into fruition. I think the art speaks for itself in that respect. While the project has met delays and setbacks many times in the past, I'm proud that me and Joe stuck through it, and made pushed on through sunny days, and rainy downcast ones as well. With your help and support, more importantly, feedback, I hope to overcome all the challenges which I will surely come face to face with in the near future whilst trying to self-publish a mature and highly professional and refined end product. Salute!

For more info or to make a pledge, click here!

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