Friday, May 10, 2013

Lady-Centric Zombie Comic By Terry Moore Gets TV Adaptation

Three critical members of the main cast. Yes one of them is a little girl. She's the best one.
Three critical members of the main cast. Yes one of them is a little girl. She’s the best one.
As a follower of the Terry Moore cult I am familiar with this announcement. A major network or production company expresses interest in one of his properties. Rights are purchased. Plans are made.
And we continue to sit here waiting for Strangers in Paradise or Echo on HBO.
The latest adaptation in the works is Moore’s ongoing comic, Rachel Rising. Rachel wakes up buried underground. She’s been murdered. Now she’s a sentient zombie and her affliction is spreading and witches and the Devil are all involved. Its horrific, gory and full of ladies murdering one another over and over again.
So it makes total sense that this would be Moore’s first property to make it to the pilot stage. Brutal deaths of women! Zombies! Throw in a few dead people of color and an irritating white male lead and it’s like The Walking Dead all over again!
Only. Only. Here is the thing. Terry Moore is one of the best damned writers and artists working in comics and his comics actually, you know, treat women with respect. They evaluate and dismantle patriarchal thought with every issue. Rachel Rising is no different in that respect. Heck there’s all of one regular male in the cast and he’s a supporting character and a big fluffy coroner who is achingly gentle and only moderately creepy.
So please, actually make it to the pilot stage Rachel Rising. (Also HBO please make SiP and Echo already because the latter is a perfect miniseries and the former is a perfect ongoing.)

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