Tuesday, May 7, 2013

COMING SOON: The Rise of Valhalla

SYNOPSIS: Germany - April 1945 close to the Hessian border   
The Third U.S. Army is only 20km away and is involved in fierce fighting with associations of the German "Waffen-SS". In the forests of the German resistance there.   A small group consisting of German resistance fighters for days follows the trail of a soldier of the Waffen-SS through the woods to the Hessian border. After days without food, they drive the trail of the soldiers to the foot of the hill called "Hüssenberg".   But rather than an the soldiers pursued them come to a place of horror. In the middle of the mountain there is a small German base. However, there is no life, the entire base resembles a slaughterhouse. Everywhere are torn body parts, impaled heads and impaled body.  At the entrance of a small cave, the resistance force is bound into a leather diary. The diary of SS General Wolff.   As it turns out, General Wolff on behalf of Himmler, with the help of supernatural forces, opened the door to Valhalla. Even before the resistance fighters can understand what happened, you can use the threat of another world over: ZOMBIE Vikings.


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