Thursday, April 3, 2014

9 Things You Absolutely Need During A Zombie Apocalypse

Dealing with a zombie apocalypse is no easy matter. There are logistics involved in surviving. Trying to find a good hiding place, a good survival spot or the right materials to help you along the way could easily become brain-wrecking. I mean, do you take your favorite pair of jeans and suede shoes or do you settle for sneakers and sweats? Do you bring the Cheez Whiz or do you carry some bologna and bread with you? Decision making is hard when you have to consider that the world is falling down around your ears and flesh-eating zombies are lurking around every corner, just like in AMC's The Walking Dead

Whether you decide to stay put in a single place or venture about the war-torn wastelands of the flesh-munching undead, you can't go out there with just your bare hands and a pocketful of luck. You won't last but five minutes out there. Luckily, we've got a list of necessary items you might want to bring with you as you venture out and about during a zombie apocalypse. 


Beef Jerky
Hey look, in the zombie apocalypse you can't afford to be picky. You need something fast and easy to eat. Even more than that, you need something that you can stock up on and nibble on while you're hiding under a burned down trailer home for a couple of nights while tucked neatly under a blue tarp. I mean, you can't go all high-class with Spam or Chef Boyardee ravioli. That stuff gets cold. Nope, you're going to have to pack for efficiency, and pack for chowing down whenever the moment allows for it. Oftentimes, this may be in places where cold storage or microwaves are inaccessible, sort of like in the movie The Road. I hope you like Slim Jims... Ohhh yeaaaaah. 

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