Wednesday, April 2, 2014

B is for Barbara - A to Z Challenge 2014

B is for Barbara - A to Z Challenge 2014

Barbara: One of the main protagonist in the 1968 horror film, Night of the Living Dead. 

She survives the initial attack at the cemetery and finds sanctuary at a deserted farmhouse. Despite everything that she, and the other survivors do, she is killed when the zombies get inside the house. 

(The name was mis-spelled as 'Barbra' on the end credits, but is 'Barbara' in the shooting script, the official novelization, all publicity material in which the character is mentioned, and is spelled as 'Barbara' in the 1990 Romero scripted remake.)

No matter who plays her, Barbara is a movie icon. A zombie genre icon.

Judith O'Dea 1968

Patricia Tallman 1990

Brianna Brown 2006

And even 46 years later, those famous words, uttered by her brother Johnny, still appear today throughout our culture.

Barbara was the "final girl" long before the term was coined in reference to modern day horror movies.

Pretty good for a character who doesn't even have a last name!


  1. Never saw the movie but zombies are the rage in my second grade classroom!
    Happy A-Z April!

  2. I have never seen either of the remakes. Maybe I will track them down.

  3. The 1990 version is really good. The 3D one is ok, just done for the 3D pretty much.