Tuesday, April 1, 2014

What does the past hold in 'Zombie B.C.?'

Zombie B.C.

Written by Stephen Vold
Art by Steven Williams
Cover by Malcolm McClinton
Release Date: Available now
Cover Price: $2.99

Zombie BC takes the zombie apocalypse to its earliest incarnation.

Issue #1 is a well written episode showing a caveman hunter struggle to cope with and overcome the zombie horde his village became in his absence. The artist Steve Williams did a magnificent job in keeping the eyes engaged and gave us zombies without highlighting the gore as part of the character.

The story is told by an unseen narrator and basically shapes out the same struggle every zombie story covers. Every zombie story starts with the effort to understand the threat and being what it is, I believe a caveman would have no trouble with this. A caveman would also be well suited to deal with the threat a zombie threat. Unlike almost everyone on the TV series The Walking Dead, a caveman carries a melee weapon.

I think all zombie stories these days should be about the differences between the kind of zombies you face. 28 Days Later-type running zombies? Viral zombies or magic powder zombies?

In Zombie B.C. we get our classic shambling walkers who eat flesh and turn others with bite wounds (my personal favorite). At one point, our caveman hunter managed to hold off his dead tribesmen for sometime with the use of fire. Not every zombie story has such a handicap and it hints at the writers’ signature on the genre. It may not seem like much but even a caveman can tell you it helps.
The first issue ends in a flash forward to modern times. An archeology dig in France discovers the remains of our caveman hero’s tribe. Promptly infecting himself on a skull’s tooth. This suggests the story continues into modern times.

But I have to be honest, if a lone caveman in BC times manages to avoid the zombie apocalypse and modern man fumbles the ball? It will hurt my feelings. That’s what I have the AMC TV show for.


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