Saturday, January 10, 2015

Can You Have Sex With a Walker Bite Victim?

There are a lot of pressing survival concerns when it comes to the zombie apocalypse. How are you going to find food? Do you keep moving, or try and make a home in one location? Do you find a group, or go at it alone?
These are, of course, all very important issues, but eventually - once things have settled down a bit - your mind might wander to slightly more, shall we say, primal urges. Like, for example, what happens if you have sex with someone who has been bitten by a walker?
An extremely similar question was recently asked of The Walking Dead creator, Robert Kirkman, and now he has built upon that answer to cover the more sexy scenario.
If you had a septic wound that was infecting your blood stream, would you pass that infection through sex? No. So… having sex with someone after they’ve been bitten… much like eating a living human’s flesh after they’ve been bitten (show reference… to a thing that happened years ago in the comic) has no effect on you.In The Walking Dead No. 134, Kirkman explained that eating the meat of someone who had been bitten by a walker did not present an immediate threat to the cannibal. Similarly, getting funky with a recent bite victim shouldn't adversely affect the unbitten amorous individual either - at least physically. He explained:
I think we can only assume the result is the same if you have sex with an actual Walker. I'm not sure why'd you'd want to do that. I mean, I'm a liberal guy when it comes to all this, but even that is, y'know, just plain wrong.

How Do The Walking Dead Zombie Bites Work?

Hey good lookin'
Hey good lookin'
All of this depends on how the zombie infection is dealt with within The Walking Dead universe. As you know, everyone is already infected with the virus, however its symptoms only emerge once you die. In this sense, a walker bite is actually an extremely severe infection - like a kind of super-gangrene - as opposed to a kind of magical death-bite. Perhaps the infection turns the body into the perfect host for a kind of highly lethal bacteria that festers in the zombie's mouth?
Considering it kills its victims very fast, I think we can assume it's probably immune to most antibiotics or anti-septics - although as Hershel proves, there are ways to survive.
Of course, given the severity of the infection, having sex with a recent bite victim still probably isn't the best idea, since they might die and reanimate mid-coitus. Although, having said that, it would be a great scenario to mention while playing 'never have I ever.'

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