Saturday, January 17, 2015

Kickstarter Project: Zombie Blood Hot Sauce

Please help fund two local hot sauce aficionados go global ! We need the ability to get our sauce in your mouth!

About this project

We are two Southern California Hot Sauce aficionados! We need your help to get all of the required nutritional facts for our hot sauce, i.e. Nutritional and ingrediant pane, shelf life tests, weights and measures and large format recipes. 

 Our goal with your help is to have Zombie Blood Hot Sauce all across the globe where the whole world can enjoy our home town creation. We have worked for a year to make the recipe perfect! Everyone of our sauces will make your mouth water and your mind crave it even more! Everyone who has tried Zombie Blood loves these Hot sauces. And they go amazingly well with any type of food you want to put it on. It's thick enough that you can eat it with chips, or put a straw in and enjoy it on the go. 

Risks and challenges

The hardest part of this is the season. Winter is a difficult time for some to find the special peppers that they will need. But we have searched all over to find local distributors for fresh peppers and bulk orders. We have accounts set up and ready for your help to make this happen. We Have a large kitchen to produce fifty and one-hundred gallon batches too!

For questions or to make a pledge, click here!

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