Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Zombie with a Shotgun debuts kick ass movie poster

Now this, my friends, is how you do a movie poster. 
We have a cool guy with a shotgun, an attractive woman maybe in lingerie with a handgun, a re-animated flesh eater with a shotgun, and a whole lot of blood, KA-BAMS!, and other zombies in the picture. Now this is how you reel potential viewers to your project.
“Zombie with a Shotgun” is an independent web-series that has been in production since 2012. Since its debut episode in 2012, five episodes have been produced and released on the internet. “Zombie with a Shotgun” is written and directed by Hilton Ariel Ruiz with co-producer Kirk Goodall. Starring Braeden Baade and Lynnea Molone, the plot surrounds the pair as they try to navigate the world inhabited by zombies and seek out the source for the cure that’s right under their very nose.
Speaking with Hilton Ariel Ruiz, I can confirm that the poster featured above was created in promotion of the upcoming Zombie with a Shotgun feature film and upcoming graphic novel. The image was created by Devon Whitehead. It looks like Simone Guglielmini will be attached to the creation of the graphic novel, too. As far as the upcoming feature film is concerned, no details have been released yet besides the fact that the movie will be completely different from the web-series. What that means for Aaron (Baade) and Rachel (Molone), you’ll have to wait and find out!


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