Friday, January 16, 2015

Check out the achievements list from the upcoming Rez Evil Remaster game!

Capcom returns to its celebrated survival horror roots with the upscaled remake Resident Evil HD Remaster, bringing the original to current-gen consoles and PC. Along with the graphical updates, there’s also a range of achievements covering Jill and Chris’ adventure through the zombie-infested Spencer Mansion.
When originally released on Playstation 1, Resident Evil landed with serious acclaim that transitioned over to the Gamecube exclusive Resident Evil REmake. The series hasn’t focused on horror since the bombastic Resident Evil 4, though Resident Evil Revelations 2 looks like an earnest attempt to bring back some scares. However that turns out, we now have a shinier version of the first game in the series with a list of difficult achievements to obsess over.
Keep scrolling to see the punishing challenges you’ll face to earn 100% completion. 

Achievements List
Like Taking Candy from a Baby (10 points):
Finish the game on Very Easy difficulty or higher.
Not in the Mood to Die (10 points):
Finish the game on Easy difficulty or higher.
Take that, Zombies! (20 points):
Finish the game on Normal difficulty or higher.
We’re in This Together (30 points):
Finish the game with Jill and Chris.
You da Man, Chris (30 points):
Finish the game using Chris.
Alpha Team’s Finest (30 points):
Finish the game using Jill.
Get Used To It (10 points):
Die for the first time.
First Kills Are Special (10 points):
Defeat a zombie.
Not Taking Any Chances (10 points):
Burn up a zombie.
Don’t Stop Running (50 points):
Finish the game in three hours.
Racing and Pacing (50 points):
Finish the game in five hours.
CQC FTW (30 points):
Finish the game using only your knife (no lighter, Defensive Items, and stomping zombie heads).
Ink is for Squids (50 points):
Finish the game without saving.
Starsenal (30 points):
Obtain all weapons (must load grenade launcher with all shell types).
Passion for Fashion (20 points):
Obtain all costumes.
Every Nook and Cranny (20 points):
Visit all places on all maps.
Secret Achievements:
Oh, the Horror (30 points):
Finish the game on Hard difficulty.
The Survival Horror (30 points):
Finish the game in Real Survival mode.
Ghost of a Chance (100 points):
Finish the game in Invisible Enemy mode.
Not Just Any Object (20 points):
Obtain the Stone & Metal Object using Chris.
Herbicide (20 points):
Defeat Plant 42 using Chris.
Written Word is Dead (20 points):
Obtain the “Last Book Vol. 2″ using Chris.
An End to a Poor Girl’s Misery (20 points):
Defeat Lisa Trevor using Chris.
Grave Digger (20 points):
Defeat a Crimson Head Prototype using Jill.
The Key Master (20 points):
Obtain the Helmet Key using Jill.
Giant Snake Got Nothin’ (20 points):
Defeat Yawn using Jill.
Where the Magic Happens (20 points):
Break into the laboratory using Jill.
Who’s the Hunter Now? (10 points):
Defeat a Hunter.
Bravo, Rebecca (10 points):
Save Chris using Rebecca.
What a Great Guy (10 points):
Save Jill using Barry.
Delaying the Inevitable (10 points):
Save Richard with a serum.
That Was Nice of You (10 points):
Save Rebecca from a Hunter.
Trust Him (10 points):
Save Barry from Lisa Trevor.
Sorry I Made You Wait (10 points):
Save Jill from confinement using Chris.
Sorry About the Wait (10 points):
Save Chris from confinement using Jill.
The Nightmare Ends (30 points):
Finish the game saving Rebecca and Jill using Chris.
I’m a Member of S.T.A.R.S. (30 points):
Finish the game saving Chris and Barry using Jill.
Every Man for Himself (30 points):
Finish the game without saving anyone using Chris.
Every Woman for Herself (30 points):
Finish the game without saving anyone using Jill.
Seeing Red (10 points):
Defeat a Crimson Head.
Not Waiting to Exhale (10 points):
Survive your first encounter with Yawn.
Deep Sixed (10 points):
Defeat Mother Neptune.
Spider Sense (10 points):
Defeat Black Tiger.
Break Out the Marshmallows! (30 points):
Burn up two zombies at the same time with the lighter.

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