Saturday, January 17, 2015

'Walking Dead' trailer!

*Spoiler Alert* The wait is almost over with the Walking Dead returning on February 8th. Zombie lovers all over the country will be celebrating with parties and lives tweets and Facebook posts with their friends. These characters are not just actors on television to many. They have sparked emotion in us that many of us didn’t know we even had! We have followed them since the very beginning through the apocalypse with the fans showing a fierce loyalty and genuine love for it’s characters. Even the characters that annoyed us to the bone (Lori, Andrea) we found ourselves crying out for them to be saved in their last hours. Fans even learned to love Merle, only to watch him meet his Karma and turn into a walker.

The trailer offers little insight into what may happen to the family and still so many unanswered questions. The last episode before the mid-season finale was both shocking and devastatingly heartbreaking leaving fans in a state of turmoil over Beth’s senseless death. Any hopes of a coupling between Beth and Daryl gone forever. Will Abraham forgive Eugene for lying and compromising his only mission that kept him keeping hope alive? Will the group decide to go to Washington despite that there may be no cure? Will Daryl finally get a love interest or will he be the next to die causing fans to make good on the promise of “If Daryl Dies We Riot”. Will Morgan finally meet up with the group  following his breakdown? Will Maggie finally explain why she didn’t ask about her sister or even go to look for her when she went missing? These are just some of the questions on the minds of the hardcore fans.

How far will the show creators go with blood and gore in the next half? How will they top plot lines like a child murderer, killer virus, and cannibals having a meaty Bob-B-Q? One thing is for sure, it promises to be a wild ride filled with lots of bloddy battles with walkers, Daryl’s biceps, and possibly a new character. The suspense is killing us!


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