Friday, January 16, 2015

Follow along as horror artist takes on Zombie Flesh Eaters

Evil Dead poster artist Graham Humphreys reveals the process of a new zombie piece.

Graham Humphreys made a name for himself by painting the poster art for films like The Evil Dead and Basket Case. So who better to create the cover of the Zombie Flesh Eaters soundtrack. Here the English artist explains his thinking…
"The Death Waltz Recording Company commissioned this artwork for its launch release of the Zombie Flesh Eaters Original Soundtrack. The film remains a firm fan favourite and features one of the most bizarre zombie moments ever filmed: a zombie shark attack.
My intention is to create an atmosphere through colour and texture – something fetid and uncomfortable. I want it to feel humid and rotten. There's almost a hint  of the Spaghetti Western about the film, and the stylised sun is a nod to the films of Sergio Leone.
I begin the process by taking screen grabs from a DVD, to collate a library of reference and inspire the layouts. I enlarge my selected sketch via a printout on a couple of A3 sheets and trace it on to the watercolour paper. I'm now ready to bring the idea to life.

01. Prepare for colour

Evil Dead poster artist takes on Zombie Flesh Eaters
As with all my work, I begin with brushing water on to the surface. The gouache, although traditionally used for opacity, nevertheless provides a good, though basic, watercolour effect."

For the rest of the process, click here!

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